Quality Assurance & Food Safety Riverside, California


Position at Wild Fork Foods


  • Manage the facility’s adherence to HACCP, SSOP, SOP
  • Coordinate and supervise pre-operation sanitation.  Examine and verify cleanliness and sanitation of equipment and facilitates
  • Resolve problems and issues with food safety, product quality an employee issues as they arise
  • Communicate frequently with USDA regarding food safety, compliance to regulatory factors
  • Conduct interviews and evaluate performance of current employees
  • Attend meetings associated with customer expectations and satisfaction as scheduled or called
  • Coordinate the efforts of other facility departments to optimize the company performance by meeting the company’s guidelines and management expectations.
  • Work in a cold environment
  • Manage the facility’s adherence to HACCP, SSOP, SOP
  • Monitor and ensure proper procedures, safety, and cleanliness of production employees
  • Test new equipment for quality aspects
  • Conduct sampling of finished product and raw material for bacteria
  • Complete paperwork daily, including payroll, mail, inspections, etc.
  • Establish and maintain shelf-life requirements, finished product specifications, leaker testing, formulation weights, temperatures, and other necessary standards
  • Direct, motivate, and monitor QA employees. Conduct interviews and new hire employees; evaluate performance of current employees
  • Coordinate and participates in product displays for tours and other events
  • Ensure completion of all duties of QA 
  • Perform various other duties as needed



  • Experience in retail meats production
  • Supervisor experience
  • Multi-task oriented
  • Good communication & people skills
  • Ability to read, write, & speak English preferred
  • Flexibility a plus
  • Ability to work occasional weekends
  • Dependable, honest, & reliable
  • Team Oriented
  • Desirable HACCP/GMP's/Food Safety Knowledge
  • Ability to work first or second shift
  • High School Diploma or equivalent