Department Resource Manager (DNEG Animation)

Production London, United Kingdom


Position at DNEG

The Department Resource Manager provides career management for talent for a subset of disciplines of  DNEG Animation. They partner with the DNEG Animation Operations Manager to foster the  employee’s experience, from recruitment and onboarding, through production crewing, career progression,  and departure. Along with the Operations Manager and Head of Production, they ensure all productions  have the teams they need to create the highest quality of work on time, on budget, and in a sustainable  way. 

Needs to Do 

  • Requires understanding of the CG production process from artistic, managerial, and operational  perspectives. They must achieve and balance both the creative and operational goals of each project,  as well as the goals and road map of the DNEG Animation division. 
  • Contribute to the delivery of each production, assembling teams to complete the work for specific  disciplines. Provides show leadership and production teams with a comprehensive understanding of the  skills and experience of their team. 
  • Accountable for the line management and performance management of talent, guiding career  progression to fulfil each person’s potential. Along with each show’s supervision and production teams,  they are responsible for probationary reviews, and annual and ongoing appraisals.  
  • Overseer and forecaster of the headcount for the disciplines they manage, ensuring there is a healthy  mixture of talent levels and skillsets. Manage and relay upcoming opportunities, as well as contract  renewals, extensions, and terminations as needed. 
  • Responsible for succession planning to ensure key vacancies can be filled from within the company. Execute strategies for compensation and talent retention.  
  • Manage the recruitment of new talent, including reviewing applications, interviewing, and providing  conclusive summaries. 
  • Design and implement entry level positions and pathways for each discipline.  
  • Develop programs for talent growth, including but not limited to peer to peer training and mentorship,  guest speakers, and team development activities.  
  • Accountable for training courses to ensure artists are prepared for their upcoming work, and that they  continue to learn the evolving pipeline and new workflows. 
  • Mentor the show production teams, ensuring they follow the DNEG  Animation Shotgun and production  workflows for the disciplines managed, advocating for efficiencies but also consistency across all  shows. 
  • Encouraged to make recommendations for improvements to production and pipeline systems,  particularly with respect to scheduling, flow of information, milestone realization, and cross department  communication. 

Needs to Know 

  • Project management – proven ability in managing departments from start through completion of a  production. Able to prioritize appropriately and always meet deadlines. 
  • Excellent teamwork – ability to assemble and motivate teams and work effectively with others. Strong written & verbal communication – ability to interact with and integrate requests of the Producers,  Supervisors, and Studio Leadership.
  • Organisation – demonstrated organisational skills, including a strong attention to detail. Strong problem solving skills. 
  • Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills. 
  • Strong understanding of client/vendor delivery tools and processes. 

Needs to Be and Managerial 

  • Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities. 
  • Highly organised. 
  • Able to effectively communicate with people at all levels. 
  • Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to studio leadership.  
  • Work closely with the show supervision and production teams to manage all talent. Work to understand the wants and needs of all teams to help prioritize workloads on a short- and long term basis. 
  • Mentor Supervisors and Production staff to provide guidance, experience and insight. Involved in trying  to resolve performance related issues across shows. 
  • Responsible for maintaining crew morale. Foster good working atmosphere and ethics. 
  •  Facilitate meetings with the talent teams to keep the crew informed of studio and show changes and  requirements. 
  • Ensure open lines of communication with all departments and productions.

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