Render Supervisor

Production Technology, Research Bengaluru, Karnataka


Position at DNEG

As a Render Supervisor at DNEG, you will be responsible for ensuring that our shows are able to deliver final rendered images from various 3D packages in as efficient a way as possible. You will have responsibility in making recommendations and providing technical solutions to increase efficiency of the artist workflow and improve our lighting and rendering technology.

Our Render Supervisors are highly logical in their approach to solving complex problems and are enthusiastic and collaborative leaders. You will regularly be required to:

  • troubleshoot critical rendering problems 
  • monitor and QC assets and lighting/lookdev set-ups to ensure optimal rendering 

  • design and write (or supervise the writing of) technical solutions to meet the specific lighting 
and rendering requirements of our shows 

  • contribute to the planning of major developments in the DNEG pipeline, often as 
a key stakeholder 

  • contribute to testing and provide feedback for software releases from our R&D teams that 
impact lighting and rendering
As well as being technically proficient, your excellent communication skills will help you thrive in this role - empathetic and accurate communication between the shows you are working with and the other departments at DNEG is as integral in the reporting and resolving of issues as it is in the continuous improvement of our lighting and rendering pipeline. 

You will be a supervising presence for more junior members of the Pipeline team, including ATDs and Render TDs, who will look to you to provide coaching, guidance and mentoring. You will also have the opportunity to train our talented artists in the relevant technology, techniques and workflows which ensure they are able to do their jobs efficiently and creatively. 

Above all, you will be at the heart of the award-winning Visual Effects and Feature Animation work we undertake and will have significant influence in facilitating the delivery of these world-class shows as well as the cutting-edge technology that makes it all possible.

Must Have:
  • Proven experience at a supervisory level in the Visual Effects industry
  • Practical experience with multiple lighting and rendering DCCs such as  Katana and 

  • Excellent Python programming skills 
  • Experience with path tracing renderers such as Renderman, PRMan and Mantra 

  • Experience writing tools and scripts for a lighting pipeline 

Nice to Have:
  • Render wrangling experience
  • Look development experience
  • Shader writing experience 

We would not be able to produce award-winning work without our Production Technology department, which is committed to nurturing an inclusive, diverse and exciting workplace. Our teams have a variety of backgrounds and originate from a number of different countries, working across the globe at the forefront of technology in the industry.

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