Environment Model Supervisor (DNEG Animation)

Build London, United Kingdom


Position at DNEG

Since 2014, DNEG Animation has been collaborating with filmmakers and IP owners to create high-end animated content. Currently in production on major animated projects we are looking for new talent to join our growing team. Thriving on collaboration and the creative energy it provides, we will craft together spectacular visuals and bring to life the vision of both major Hollywood studios and independent productions! Visit our website to find out more about Animation at DNEG: https://www.dneg.com/dneg-animation/

Key Purpose of the Job

The Environment Model Supervisor is responsible for realizing the creative aims of the Director and Visual Effects Supervisor with their knowledge and talent in creating the modelled environments and world the Film/project will take place in. They are responsible for maintaining quality and consistency across all assets and environments. They will be expected to offer guidance to the leads and model team and offer appropriate mentoring to assist them in meeting the expected quality of work. They will work closely with all other Leads and Supervisors on the show to create a cohesive team. This will ensure deliveries from modelling will meet the requirements and standards expected by downstream departments. They will contribute to bidding and crewing for their project and have further responsibilities to the facility in terms of managing their team, providing feedback on crew, and proactively improving the facility pipeline for the long term.

Must Have  

  • Extensive experience working in high level animated content or environment .
  • Experience as a Team-Lead or Supervisor on a number of major animated projects
  • Significant production experience as a Environment Modeller
  • Thorough understanding of the complete VFX/ Animation Pipeline, with specific skills environment building.
  • A history of collaborating with RND, production and supervising teams – ability to evaluate and work with RND in creating tools specifications, then test these tools in a high-pressure production environment.
  • Traditional modelling and sculpting techniques using digital tools such as Maya or Z-brush.
  • Strong sense of form, scale and proportion

Nice to have

  • Experience in recruiting and performing interviews
  • Production experience in a global business/team

About You

  • Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities
  • Creative eye and aesthetic judgement – knowing composition, cinematic design and animation timing.
  • Highly organised
  • Strong communicator across multiple departments/disciplines
  • Technical mindset

About Us
We are DNEG, one of the world’s leading VFX and animation studios for the creation of award-winning feature film, television and multiplatform content. We employ nearly 7,000 people with worldwide offices and studios across North America (Los Angeles, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver), Europe (London) and Asia (Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Mumbai).