Software Developer II - Dispatcher

Production Technology, Core Services Bengaluru, Karnataka Mumbai, India Chennai, India


Position at DNEG

Software Developer II - Dispatcher

Core Services is looking for a Software Developer to join its Dispatcher project in its Show Development Frameworks domain.

The Core Services group provides foundational technologies to other technology groups within DNEG. We are a team of software developers who architect, build and provide geographically spread, enterprise-level, mission-critical infrastructure. We create services, frameworks, and products that other teams rely upon to build and deliver their technology solutions. We are the core of all things technology at DNEG.

The Show Development Frameworks domain @ Core Services provides libraries and frameworks to be utilized by software products to provide end-user functionality. The libraries we provide include SDKs and APIs for asset data modelling, scene assembly, task dispatching, and other utility tasks.

Dispatcher is our in-house bespoke task automation framework to trigger routine tasks based on events (for e.g.  when a new version is created). As a Software Developer in the Dispatcher project, you will be helping to design and implement key components of the libraries and frameworks in the project. You will be working in all aspects of the software development life-cycle, designing, building, and maintaining software as well as integrating tools into our existing pipeline.

You will:

        Participate in the design and implementation of new features in the Dispatcher project.

        Fix bugs in libraries and frameworks in the Dispatcher project.

        Develop new software and tools which integrate into DNEG's pipeline.

        Provide sprint-based updates on tasks’ progress.

        Write documentation for developed software, create / update troubleshooting playbooks.

        Coordinate and work with teams in remote sites in different time zones.

Must Have

        4+ years of non-intern experience in professional software development.

        Programming experience in Python.

        Fluency in areas such as data structures, algorithms, design patterns, data modelling, and schema design.

        Familiarity with development in a Linux environment.

        Knowledge of QT framework.

        Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent subject or equivalent work experience.

Nice to Have

        Agile development experience using Scrum framework.

        Knowledge of Python 3.

        Programming experience in C++.

        Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

        Eagerness to tackle problems head-on.

        Previous experience working in a VFX environment.

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