Production and Material Planner

Manufacturing Mesquite, TX



Job Description – Canadian Solar Solutions Inc.

Canadian Solar Inc. is one of the world’s largest solar modular producers.  As a leading vertically integrated provider of ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and specialized solar products, Canadian Solar delivers uncompromising value to its customers across the globe.


Position TitleProduction Material Coordinator

Department:Material Centre

Reports To:Material Supervisor




It will be responsible for the overall material control and inventory control on production floor. The role in ensuring a smooth and efficient production process by managing the flow of materials and supplies required for manufacturing operations and take responsible for the implementation of SAP/MES process, dispatch materials basis on the planning plans requirements, MO reconciliation, and daily material picking list release, etc.


Manage production materials to help drive continuous improvement in our material inventory accuracy, consumption rates, scrap rates and repair rates. It will co-ordinate and verify raw material deliveries to Production throughout the shift and ensure sufficient material to keep the lines running effectively.



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Upon production schedules. Create and maintain a material requirement to ensure adequate inventory levels.
  • Monitor and track inventory levels of raw materials, components, and finished goods. Conduct regular inventory audits to ensure accuracy and minimize discrepancies.
  • Oversee the receiving process for incoming materials and verify their quality and quantity against work orders. Ensure that materials are stored appropriately and safely.
  • Collaborate with production teams to deliver materials to the production floor in a timely manner. Anticipate material requirements and proactively address any potential shortages or delays.
  • Implement efficient material handling procedures to minimize waste and damages. Utilize appropriate material handling equipment and train staff as needed.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of inventory levels, material transactions, and supplier information. Generate reports on material usage, consumption, and cost for management review.
  • Work closely with the procurement and finance departments to identify cost-saving opportunities and implement strategies to optimize material utilization.
  • Ensure that all incoming materials meet quality standards and specifications. Collaborate with the quality control team to resolve any material-related quality issues.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements and implement best practices to enhance material management efficiency.
  • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines while handling and storing materials. Promote a safe work environment and report any safety hazards or incidents.



  • High school diploma or equivalent (bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, accounting, or a related field is preferred).
  • Proven experience in material coordination, inventory management, or supply chain management in a manufacturing or production environment.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills to handle multiple tasks and deadlines effectively.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to collaborate with internal teams and external suppliers.
  • Proficiency in using inventory management software and other relevant tools.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in maintaining inventory records and processing transactions.
  • Problem-solving skills to address material-related challenges and develop innovative solutions.
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations related to material handling.






Canadian Solar Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

We are committed to ensuring accessibility for persons with disabilities by identifying, removing and preventing barriers to promote the rights of all persons and to create an inclusive and accessible working environment.

Upon individual request, Canadian Solar will endeavor to remove any barrier to the hiring process to accommodate those candidates with disabilities.