Environmental Data Analyst

Science Frisco, Texas


The Environmental Data Analyst Position requires a strong knowledge of environmental data, electronic handling and manipulation of data, and database applications.  The position requires the ability to work with scientific data to establish patterns and trends, establish processes to ensure data quality, and provide custom work products in the form of reports, charts, graphs, and other forms of analytics to inform users. 

Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Business Information Systems, Data Analytics, or related degree with a minimum 0-2 years of professional experience in a team environment.   

Experience with managing and reporting scientific data using both database processes and or reporting tools/services preferred.   

Experience designing custom reports with scientific data from environmental projects in the field. 

Willingness to think outside the box and to utilize technology/innovation to make a difference in protecting the environment.   

Position includes the opportunity to work in dynamic environment which occasionally includes deployment to field or client locations to manage multiple data streams in a dynamic reporting environment in order to help our clients make positive decisions with regards to environmental assessment and impact.  

Position includes rotations on field projects to support multimedia sample data collection. Role may include rotations as an ‘on-call’ data analyst to support field sampling and monitoring projects and/or emergency responses.  Field support includes travel for up to 2 week periods at a time at potentially hazardous waste sites.  

Prefer candidate with skills including:

SQL Server, T-SQL, and Access. Excel, and scripting languages like VBA, Python, R, and experience with business analytics software.  Experience with Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) outputs a plus.