GIS Analyst 1

Science West Chester, Pennsylvania



A responsible professional who implements conceptual geographic information system (GIS) applications and solutions for project related problems.  Responsible for the production of high quality GIS products for inclusion in databases, map series, atlases, reports, brochures and presentations.  Provides technical support for requirements analysis, feasibility studies and applica­tions development.  Provides production support for digital conversion methodologies and implementation plans for automated mapping/facilities management (AM/FM) and GIS projects.  Demonstrates good communication skills, both oral and written.  Occasionally assists in cost preparation, quality assurance, quality control, materials organiza­tion, and deliverable tracking.  Perform related responsibilities as assigned.

Occasionally responsible for overseeing GIS technicians.  Technically knowledgeable in many areas of GIS production, analysis and imple­men­ta­tion, including but not limited to:  digital database design; geo­graphic data research; cartographic compilation; photomechanical reproduction; digitizing; geocoding; geographic analysis; programming; cartographic design; data conversion; reprographic and printing coordina­tion; and publishing.

Financial responsibilities include:  occasionally assisting in preparing position costs for labor, equipment, and computer charges.

Project execution and/or control requires competence with a wide variety of applied GIS skills, technology, computer hardware, peripheral devices, and related software, including but not limited to:  geographic information systems; automated and computer-aided mapping; facilities manage­ment; cartographic design; typographic selection and specification; color design; cartographic symbol design; map layout and scaling; electronic publishing; photomechanical-photolithographic reproduction equipment; interactive graphic display terminals; digitizing tablets; turnkey inter­active work­stations and graphic plotters in coordination with various mini- and micro-computer based operating systems.

Competent with specific GISs, AM/FM systems, database management systems (DBMS), computer operating systems and related software.  These include but are not limited to:  ESRI's ARC/INFO software and related software packages; Intergraph's Modular GIS Environment (MGE) and related graphic and GIS software modules; MicroStation; AutoCAD; INGRES; ORACLE; dBASE; UNIX; X-Windows; VAX-VMS for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) computers; AOS/VS for Data General computers; IMB DOS; and Apple MacIntosh.

Requires working familiarity with cartographic tools and materi­als used to exercise cartographic skills, including but not limited to:  scribing tools; drafting and layout tools; automatic film processor; vacuum contact frames; pin registration systems; photolithographic films; stable-base overlay materials (e.g., ScribeCoat, PeelCoat, Cut 'n' Strip or Rubylith, and drafting mylars); photomechanical color proofing materials; magnetic tapes and diskettes; and graphic plotter pens, inks, papers and stable base plotting materials.

Assists with documenting GIS and cartographic procedures and maintaining quality assurance and quality control standards over all GIS and car­tographic products created.

Develops current knowledge of the broad range of GIS related disciplines, includ­ing but not limited to: surveying; geodesy; photogrammetry; cartography; engineering; computer science; spatial analysis and model­ing; and physical and social sciences as related to experi­ence with cadastral; utilities; public works; transporta­tion; engineering; facilities siting; resources management; hazardous waste manage­ment; and/or environ­mental management applications.

Develops a "can do" attitude that encourages creative and productive position  satisfaction and quality performance.


The GIS Analyst I position is responsible for accomplishing a wide variety of cartographic and GIS assignments.  Types of products produced may include, but are not limited to the following: single maps; map series; atlases of many types (e.g., base maps, engineering and cadastral maps, thematic maps, general descrip­tive maps); digital databases; geograph­ic information systems; text-only products; graphs; charts; and scientific and technical documents and reports.

The GIS Analyst I is a responsible professional who is capable of applying the functional responsibilities identified on all aspects of project-related assignments.  This may include: client interaction; geographic data research; map compilation; map and graphic design; assistance in project implementation; technician assistance; quality assurance; quality control; materials or­ganization; and deliverable tracking. 

The GIS Analyst I must be knowledgeable of and responsible for the time and budget requirements needed to complete assigned tasks.  The position requires good communication skills, both oral and written to support presentations and reports.  The position requires strong coordi­nation and commu­ni­cation with described managers to assure maximum project performance and innova­tive technical assistance in identifying  and solving problems.              


BA/BS or equivalent plus 0 years experience.

Needed prior experience must include:  Entry-level professional position with 0 to 2 years experience in GIS methodol­ogies and cartographic techniques associated with database development, digital data conversion, geographic analysis, program­ming, map production, automated mapping methods, photomechanical techniques and map compilation.

Skill requirements of the position:  Highly motivated with the ability to work both independently and as a member of a team of GIS applications specialists.  Demon­strates good communication skills, both oral and written, to support presentations and reports.  Must have a good sense of cartographic design and spatial relationships and the ability to coordi­nate abstract ideas and develop solutions while interacting with people of numer­ous ba­ckgrounds and educations.  Addition­al skills include the ability to research, summarize, and produce written reports.