CAD Operator II

Design & Drafting San Antonio, Texas Austin, Texas


Assist in the preparation of plans and exhibits which entails making accurate computer drawings from site plans, design sketches, and conceptual drawings.

Perform related responsibilities as assigned. Provide non-supervisory direction and assistance to Drafters and on occasion CADD Operators I in the performance of CADD assignments.

Complete work assignments within established deadlines in accordance with highest standard of quality and in compliance with corporate standards. 

Responsible for maintaining an up-to-date level of technical knowledge in the use of CADD graphics to enable one's fullest utilization on CADD assignments.

Assist in the development of drafters assigned to drafting tasks by providing technical assistance and guidance which will better enable them to become more proficient.

Responsible for QA/QC checking of drafter positions assignments prior to delivery to Manager.


2 - 4 years experience in AutoCad Release 9 or above; or certificate of successful completion AutoCad latest version basic skills plus one year production experience

2-4 years of Civil 3D experience; Microstation experience preferred but not required.

2 - 5 years manual drafting experience or equivalent experience. Must be capable of performing all but most advance features of CADD system; including troubleshooting, menu customization, script file implementation, and multimedia plotting.

Must be familiar with all CADD peripheral equipment and possess a working knowledge of some form of third party design software useful to the corporation.

Must demonstrate ability to communicate information above and below this position level necessary to accomplish CADD assignments.

Must also be capable of short term planning to ensure proper utilization and effort of drafter positions.