Software Algorithm Engineer

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Santa Clara, California


  1. Research new image and color processing techniques and technologies for digital camera systems.
  2. Design and implement CFA (color filter array) based image capturing and reconstruction.
  3. Evaluate performances of newly developed algorithms.
  4. Oversee the developments of image processing pipelines, observe the project states and evaluate if it is ready to release.
  5. Document new pipelines and algorithms.

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Signal and Imaging Processing, or related field with two years of experience in image and signal processing. A Master’s degree in the same disciplines is acceptable in lieu of the two-year experience. 


Require experience and skills in 


  • Digital Image Processing principles;
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning;
  • Bayer pattern interpolation, image de-noise; image transformation;
  • Matlab knowledge for development and testing;
  • Optimization of stochastic dynamic system.