Quality Engineer - GCOE (Permanent)

Quality Pune, India



Job Title: PPAP Engineer  

Operating Procedures / Work Instructions:  

Responsible for:  

Meeting the requirements of the company’s PPAP Evaluation Process, support the Technical  

Services Department when required in day to day activity.  

Responsible to: Technical Services Manager  

Principle Activities:  

. Understand, develop and promote the Company’s business objectives and participate  

with total enthusiasm and commitment to achieve and exceed them.  

. Ensure regular status reviews are undertaken with the Line Management and relevant  

Company personnel.  

. Agree with Line Management appropriate measures (Key Performance Indicators) to  

monitor performance to achieve the Company’s objectives, ensure that they are kept  

up-to date and displayed prominently.  

. Ensure that you fully understand your work requirements and duties and have received  

the correct supervised training in accordance with the Company’s training requirements  

to enable you to undertake your duties.  

Key responsibilities are defined as:  

. ISIR/PPAP Project management evaluation/compilation in line with target dates, and  

liaising with CSC in order to achieve target dates.  

. Ensure new team members are coached and trained in all aspects of PPAP/ISIR  

requirements. Advise CSC personnel where necessary if additional information is  


. Corrective action management to be carried out for customers, suppliers and internal  

issues relating to PPAPs/ISIRs.  

. Liase with both customer and supplier regarding PPAPs/ISIRs.  

. To ensure Document control, concession management and APQP completion (Supplier  

Feasibility Document).  

. Product evaluation to engineering drawings and customer/industry standards  

. Use of QA and Laboratory measuring and test equipment after initial training.  

. Have a detailed understanding of products, surface coatings and locking/sealing  


. Have a basic understanding of metallurgy.  

. Undertake internal audits and have a basic understanding of Environmental Procedures  

and disciplines.  

. Basic knowledge of ELV Directive and IMDS Input.  

. Create and compile KPI’s.  

. Working knowledge of Capacity Analysis Reports  

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Job Title: PPAP Engineer  


Health and Safety  

. Recognise the importance of good health and safety practice.  

. Ensure that working conditions and the use of resources satisfy current legislation,  

approved codes of practice and organisational requirements.  

. Ensure accidents and near misses are reported.  

. Ensure that potential or actual breaches of requirements are identified, properly  

reported and appropriate action is taken.  


. Ensure specified deadlines for work and/or reporting are met.  

. Be accountable for the area of business you manage.  

. Maintain records as required.  

. Ensure any special instructions are noted and carried out.  

. Enforce good house keeping.  

Additional tasks may include:  

Carrying out Internal Audits,  

First Aid Rep and/or Fire Officer  

Health and Safety Committee member.  

The above is not a definitive list and does not define the limits on the activities of the  

employee. The employee will carry out those duties, which are compatible with the role as  

defined by the Company and within their capabilities. The Job Description may be reviewed  

and updated in-line with the business needs of the Company.  

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