Safety Assistant Manager

Workplace Wellness Souderton, Pennsylvania


Position at JBS USA



Job Summary

Our Company takes safety seriously, and we require all of our employees to use the standard industry practices to keep everyone safe on the job. We’re seeking an experienced Safety Assistant Manager who can evaluate the safety protocols and practices at the Souderton JBS facility. The ideal candidate will have experience in a manufacturing industry (specifically food or food services) and will understand the specific safety issues inherent to food sites.

     Safety Manager Responsibilities and duties

  • Implement & maintain a safety culture across all areas of the organization.
  • Develop employee training material and provide safety education training relating to all aspects of JBS Safety program.
  • Conduct site safety audits and inspections.
  • Complete comprehensive reports of findings including correction plans to ensure compliance.
  • Examine work sites to identify hazards in the workplace.
    • Promote a proactive safety culture at all levels of the organization, with heavy focus on employee engagement towards the safety program
    • Design and implement safety-related programs in conjunction with/ corporate resources as well as other JBS facilities
    • Conduct safety audits on personnel, equipment and materials daily
    • Evaluate, assess and alter safety procedures and policies for the benefit of employees
    • Analyze accident reports and evaluate injury case studies based on available facts, and train others on to properly comply, investigate, complete reports etc.
    • Ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies and standards (including OSHA, EPA, etc.)
    • Track incident metrics and apply findings
  • Manage emergency response programs.
  • Lead, Implement and train on-site Emergency Response Team
  • Interact with peers at other facilities and corporate
  • Lead injury and incident inquiries and evaluation


  • Bachelor’s degree required (preferably in environmental health and safety)
  • 2+ years’ experience in the manufacturing industry
  • Strong emergency response experience preferred
  • Knowledge of OSHA and EPA standards with regard to Manufactures
  • Ability to train, influence and motivate team members
  • Some travel required