Human Resources Gainesville, Georgia


Position at Pilgrim's

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Ensures that safety is a condition and is responsible for compliance and enforcement of all safety directives.  Demonstrate hands on training techniques for new hires during the onboarding period (45-60 days) and make recommendations to the Onboarding Supervisor about individual training needs, concerns, and special circumstances. Onboarding Coordinators spend their time on the production floor with the new hires.  Administer, track, and evaluate the Onboarding Training Program in accordance and compliance with the program guidelines.  Collaborate with Human Resources and Operations to ensure new hires have proper training for successful onboarding.  Develop and promote positive working relationships between new hires, peers, and leaders.  Participate in Human Resources and company committees.  All other duties as assigned. SKILLS/EXPERIENCE:  Previous training experience.  Must be able to effectively communicate with others, Bilingual is a plus.  Must be able to work in hot/cold areas, stand for long periods of time, and know how to perform all jobs in the area. Successful candidates spend their time on the production floor.  Excellent organizational and time management skills.  Professional communication and demeanor.  Ability to present ideas, concepts, issues, concerns, and questions in a well thought out, positive, and professional manner to employees.  Excellent presentation skills and ability to foster an atmosphere of teamwork with others.  Able to work independently.  Must be willing to work in a plant/industrial environment. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENT: High School Diploma/GED