Quality Assurance & Food Safety Cactus, Texas


Position at JBS USA Food Company


  • The Export Supervisor must become extremely knowledgeable in product and packaging specifications, labeling requirements product age requirements, shipping protocols and accurate paperwork and documents. This includes fabrication and offal products.
  • Track and update the QSA manual.
  • Be knowledgeable with the requirements included in the USDA Export Library concerning countries to which product is being exported.
  • Keep the USDA QSA manual up to date with any changes being made in plant regarding exports regulations.
  • Make sure product is being made to specification, if product is out of spec Supervisor will need to communicate with front line Supervisor, if no improvements are made to product Supervisor  will need to get the GF involved along with floor Superintendent. If out of spec product has made it into box storage the Supervisor will bring product back from Alvey and have product reworked.  
  • Supervisor will have full authority to accept or reject product related to specification and/or packaging issues. 
  • Monitor product being placed in bags/boxes correctly (Artwork is on correct side of product, product is being placed straight into bags using right grade of bags) 
  • Write Corrective Action Letters for customers regarding Export Issues.
  • Monitor the size of bag being placed on products so the product does not have long bag tails.
  • Needs to understand Torr readings on cryovacs.
  • Monitor bags for any leakers or low vac’s.
  • Make sure correct piece counts are correct in bags and packages in box.
  • Make sure labels match what is in the box.
  • Review BOL to make sure all statements are meeting the QSA requirements.

Export Supervisors need to cover and create energy surrounding Export products