Software Developer Lux (Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering)

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Position at DNEG

Software Developer (All Levels) – Lux (Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering)


The Lighting and Surfacing departments at DNEG have the role of turning grey and flat 3d data into stunning photoreal and stylised imagery that pushes the envelope of VFX and Animation. 


Surfacing artists use textures to drive shaders /materials to give them a photorealistic or stylized look. These textures are either painted by hand or generated procedurally in applications like Mari and Substance. These assets are assembled into complex scenes, and handed over to lighting artists who use Katana and/or Solaris to manipulate CG lights, materials, colour and volumetrics. 

As a developer in the Lux team, you will have the opportunity to develop tools for artists within all of these disciplines. Surfacing technology includes the generation and management of material libraries, texture optimizations, and smart materials. Lighting technology spreads the gamut of scene assembly, render setups, automation, multi-shot, farm management, and creative lighting tooling.

As well as demonstrating technical skill and initiative, your ability to communicate between technical developers and non-technical artists and end users will help you thrive in this role. We encourage a technically creative attitude and are looking for individuals who are willing and able to bring their own solutions and ideas to the table. 

We follow Agile development methodologies and you will work closely with Product Owners and Stakeholders to understand artist needs and deliver bespoke software products. You will have influence in all aspects of the software development life-cycle; designing, supporting and maintaining software as well as integrating tools into our existing pipeline.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing Product Development department, contributing to the technology behind exceptional VFX and Feature Animation work, partnering with smart, creative and versatile teams of technologists and artists.


Must have: 

  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant professional experience 
  • Programming experience in C++ and/or Python
  • Basic knowledge of DCCs for film and game production (Katana, Houdini, Mari etc)

Nice to have: 

  • Experience of software development in a Linux environment
  • Experience with source control systems and developing within a team 
  • Experience with unit/integration testing
  • Experience in Qt, Boost, 
  • Knowledge of the core principles of Surfacing, Lighting and Rendering
  • Experience in OpenGL, OpenColorIO, OSL, MaterialX, USD
  • Experience with the Katana C++ SDK and the Houdini C++ HDK
  • Experience with Houdini development using HOM and HDA
  • Experience with Houdini development creating interactive viewer tools.



A note on Equal Opportunities

We would not be able to produce award-winning work without our Production Technology department, which is committed to nurturing an inclusive, diverse and exciting workplace. Our teams have a variety of backgrounds and originate from a number of different countries, working across the globe at the forefront of technology in the industry.   


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