Volume Technician (DNEG Virtual Production)

Virtual Production London, United Kingdom


Position at DNEG

DNEG’s Virtual Production Department provides a cutting-edge service to clients, utilising new and emerging technologies such as real-time engines and LED volumes, allowing filmmakers to virtually scout and design sets and to shoot real-time, in-camera visual effects.

Virtual production is quickly being adopted by the industry due to its vast benefits, more iterative workflow and ability to visualise things in a naturalistic way.

We are looking for a VP Volume Technician with a high level of experience within Unreal Engine, who will be responsible for many of our on-set operations.  This includes calibrating and operating our motion capture camera systems; on a live shoot you’d verify the data is recorded correctly on each roll.  Post-shoot, you’d be involved in processing the data and retargeting to smoothly pass on our deliverables to post-production teams. 

You’ll be managing our on set kit, conducting technical checks and troubleshooting any problems that arise to ensure all our VP equipment is working as expected. Our Volume Technicians work closely with the VP Supervisor and other on-set departments such as the camera team, assistant directors and riggers.

As well as being technically proficient, you will need to be a good communicator, as you may be called upon to run on-set collaborative demonstrations for key filmmakers.  You’ll be involved through-out the whole shoot process, initially rigging up our equipment, then operating the shoot and finally pack-up and wrapping out at the end, as well as handling R&D testing and inventory work when not on set. Please note there may be some longer periods of time spent away on set.



  • Significant relevant experience working on-set in a Virtual Production Environment.
  • High level of experience with Unreal Engine and other real-time systems such as Notch, Disguise or Pixotope
  • Onset experience, familiar with various colour pipelines associated with LED, processors and camera.
  • Knowledge of motion capture & tracking workflows such as Vicon, Optitrack, Xsens, Mosys, Stype, NCam etc
  • Linux, Windows and OSX configuration skills
  • Knowledge of basic A/V signal
  • Familiarity with timing systems (sync generators, master clocks etc preferred)
  • Excellent troubleshooter to diagnose and solve issues in complex integrated systems of computers, video recording systems, software, and other sensor based systems.


Nice to Have

  • Good technical knowledge of other real-time engines like Unity.
  • Basic understanding of CG packages like Maya, Max or Blender.
  • Experience with asset management systems like Shotgrid, FTrack or 5thKind.

About You

  • Passionate about film
  • Organised and methodical in your approach to the work
  • Calm under pressure and capable of delivering to short deadlines
  • A positive, can-do attitude
  • Effective communicator
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaborative and leadership skills
  • Able to troubleshoot and problem solve.

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