Regional Operations Manager (Southwest Region)

Practice Management Austin, Texas


Position at Pathway Vet Alliance

The Regional Operations Manager (ROM) for general practice medicine is responsible for the operational performance of our partner practices in a region. Regions are defined roughly by geographic area but will sometimes cross boundaries when growth necessitates. This position supports the Southwest U.S. region. The position is preferably based out of Austin, Texas or Colorado.  

The ROM will partner with a Regional Support Teams (RST), each team consisting of a Medical Operations Coach, Technician Operations Coach and a CSR Operations Coach.  The ROM will directly engage in supporting  processes, health care team coaching, and Pathway Planning at the practice level. 

The ROM will work in partnership with the Practice Integration Team (PIT Crew) to successfully on-board new practices, help develop short and long term objectives for newly on-boarding practices, and help make the transition as smooth as possible.

The main objectives of the ROM is to support overall clinical operations in partnership with the RST and to ensure that Pathway Practices execute their Pathway Plan and achieve their stated financial goals.  The ROM will work with one Regional Support Team with each team of and support ~ 25 practices. The RST will focus on improving practice level medical, nursing and client service operations. The ROM will serve as a liaison between the RST and Pathway Partners Operations Team.  The ROM is directly responsible for working with the Finance Team and Practice Managers to achieve practice financial management goals at each location.  The ROM will work with the People Ops Team and Practice Managers for recruiting, staffing, mentoring, conflict resolution, management development and assistance with implementing effective proven process in each location. The ROM supervises the Hospital Administrator/Practice Manager at each location and is responsible for their performance evaluations.  The ROM and/or RST (only if/when deemed necessary) attends all quarterly Pathway Meetings and bi weekly meetings via Zoom or on-site in the first year. After that, it will be up to the ROM to determine which annual and quarterly Pathway Meetings are necessary to attend in person, and which are not.

The ROM will work with the Operations leadership team who is directly responsible for supporting this position in their training, growth, and development. 


  • A Bachelor's degree in business, operations management or related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience as leader of a management team of rapidly growing business with multiple locations.
  •  A background in Veterinary Management is highly preferred  
  •  Group communication facilitation and public speaking experience helpful 
  • Proven skills in managing to a budget and adjusting operations to P&L are required. 
  • Ability to provide coaching, and direct the Partner Practice managers to achieve the goals of the company as described by the VP of Operations, CSO, CMO, and/or the CEO of Pathway
  • The ability to lead a team and hold people accountable for their actions and performance
  • Well-developed communications & interpersonal skills, conflict management resolution skills and the ability to provide timely and consistent feedback
  • Ability to monitor and measure performance and prepare team with skills required to keep moving to the next level of organizational development
  • Ability to anticipate operational weaknesses and create, direct and implement solutions for correction
  • Skills in accomplishing tasks in a timely manner through formal and informal direction
  • Ability to effectively handle stressful situations
  • Knowledge and experience in managing multi-location companies
  • Translating vision and strategic thinking into measurable action
  • Business knowledge including P&L management, strong financial analysis, and ability to analyze and utilize reports and data to affect positive change in each PP hospital
  • Operations leadership, management, and effectiveness
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize in a demanding environment of ongoing progress and growth
  • Passion for pets and their health and well-being 
  • Direct and participate in acquisition and growth to support overall business objectives and plans on a limited basis
  • Functions as resource and support for hospital managers
    Acts as a liaison between the hospital managers and the Operations Team
  • Assists with the preparation and communication of the annual budget, as directed by the Ops Leadership Team and review quarterly
  • It will be critical to ensure the PMs work collaboratively with the MDs and involve them in budget building, communication plans, and growth strategies for the practice
  • Driving performance measures for the operation (including a consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness), often in the form of dashboards convenient for review of high level key indicators
  • Ensuring that each hospital has a customer centric culture and focus.
  • Partner with Medical Operations Coaches (MOC) and the (RST) to maintain a strong oversight of all hospitals medical operations indirectly and business operations directly through the Practice Managers
  • Providing a consistently positive impression of PP to both hospital team members and colleagues within the local veterinary and business community alike
  • Motivating Medical Directors and Hospital Managers to maintain an "owner mentality" in partnership with the MOC
  • Accurately evaluating the performance of Hospital Managers to ensure that each has clear expectations and goals, and has the support to be able to reach them
  • Engaging in continuous dialogue with the hospital leadership team on topics such as: Business Development; Exceeding Client Expectations; Day-to-Day Business Operations; Utilizing the P&L statement to affect positive business results; Staff motivation and morale
  • Train Managers on Pathway Planning
  • Perform 90 day & yearly Practice Manager reviews
  • Run weekly, quarterly & yearly Pathway Planning meetings as needed
  • Responsibility for hospital revenue growth and achieving margin goals
  • Responsibility for creating and then meeting or exceeding budgets
  • Responsibility for regular evaluation of service and product fees
  • Responsibility for auditing hospital production for accuracy and fee capture
  • Responsibility for driving the strategy of service mix and future service needs in the market
  • Understanding and supporting the PP brand and marketing tools available to promote new and existing business
  • Evaluating needs and execute proformas with business cases for equipment and/or build out purchases with assistance from the VP of Operations
  • Weekly travel within the region (sometimes requiring over-night stays) and trips to the Austin corporate office is required
  • Performs other duties as assigned