Lead Water Operator - IV

Field / Plant Operations Taylor, Texas


Highlights of the job 


Join our dynamic team at EPCOR and dive into an exhilarating career opportunity as a Lead Water Operator based in Taylor, TX! 


In this role, you'll be at the forefront of cutting-edge water and wastewater treatment systems, overseeing and maintaining complex processes and facilities. Your daily tasks will involve solving intricate challenges and responding to unique situations, all while providing invaluable leadership and guidance to our Water/Wastewater Treatment Operators I, II, & III. Be the driving force behind the flow of progress in water management. 


What you’d be responsible for: 


  • Participate in the operation, maintenance, control and repair of all related plant process equipment, including pumps, blowers, scrubbers, motors, chemical feeds, sludge equipment and basic laboratory instruments to ensure treated water and effluent meets County, State and EPA quality standards.
  • Obtain samples and perform required tests, including PH, CL2, conductivity, alkalinity, hardness, BOD, COD, DO, TSS and similar tests.
  • Monitor water quality and lab results to manage process and makes process adjustments in accordance with established policies.
  • Conduct various tests to determine proper chemical feed rates, calculate chemical feed rates and change pump settings as needed.
  • Maintain chemical inventory supply, and make requests for new or replacement orders.
  • Operate, monitor and adjust as necessary all related plant process equipment, including chemical pumps. Monitor and operate telemetry and SCADA systems.
  • Coordinates with maintenance staff to adjust process equipment to allow for maintenance activities.
  • Assist in the safe unloading and storage of chemicals, and change out chemical totes when necessary.
  • Make equipment adjustments, lubrications, and minor repairs, and report equipment problems.
  • Prepare necessary relevant spreadsheets and word documents using various software programs as required for daily reports.
  • Utility facility emergency procedures Occupational hazards and safety precautions


This position is subject to call back, overtime, weekend, and holiday emergency call-outs and on-call duty. 


What’s required to be successful: 


  • Water or Wastewater A or B License
  • Laboratory practices required to properly evaluate treatment processes, such as DO, pH, jar test, CL2 residual, turbidity, color, hardness, TSS, TDS, chemical/physical processes used in water such as coagulation, flocculation, settling, sedimentation, filtration, RO, thermal and disinfection.
  • Basic operation practices and principles of advanced water treatment processes such as Ion exchange, membrane filtration, and Brine concentrator plants.
  • Assist in training new operators.
  • Chemical/physical and biological processes used in water/wastewater treatment processes, such as coagulation, flocculation, settling, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and activated sludge.
  • Basic operation practices and principles of advanced water treatment processes such as microfiltration, ion exchange, Densadeg and reverse osmosis.
  • Troubleshoots complex plant performance issues
  • Experience in mechanical and electrical trouble shooting.
  • Operate and manage sludge presses and centrifuges
  • Perform all routine operator functions.
  • Determine processing requirements; sample the influent and effluent at various stages of processing and identify problems and ensure proper and efficient operation of the treatment plant.
  • Prepare necessary relevant spreadsheets and word documents using various software programs.
  • Proficiently perform computerized word processing, summarizing and writing/editing.
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously, and use good judgment to prioritize schedule and work tasks to complete work within specified time periods and deadlines.
  • Make mathematical calculations and draw logical conclusions, using thoughtful and thorough analysis.


Other important facts about this job 


As an EPCOR employee, you will enjoy a variety of benefits such as a competitive salary, an incentive award program, an excellent benefit package including medical, dental, vision and other insurance coverage, retirement plan with substantial company contribution, generous time-off schedules, training opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and certification support. We’ve been voted as a Best Places to Work employer and we value the safety of each of our team members through our robust safety training and celebration of safety milestones. 


Headquartered in Phoenix, EPCOR USA owns, operates and builds water, wastewater and natural gas infrastructure and is among the largest private water utilities in the Southwest. EPCOR USA is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of EPCOR Utilities Inc. We invest in and look after our communities and the environment. We’re proud of the work we do and the people we hire to do it. 


Please note the following information: 


  • A requirement of working for EPCOR is that you are at least 18 years of age and legally entitled to work in Canada. (A copy of a valid work permit may be required.)
  • If you are considered for the position, clearance on all applicable background checks (which may include criminal, identity, educational, and/or credit) and professional reference checks is required. Some EPCOR positions require an enhanced level of background assessment, which is dictated by law. These positions require advanced criminal record checks that must also be conducted from time to time after commencement of employment.
  • A technical/practical assessment may be administered during the selection process and this exercise will be used as a part of the selection criterion.
  • To meet the physical demands required of some positions, candidates must be in good physical condition and willing to work in all weather conditions. Clearance on pre-placement medical and drug and alcohol testing may be required.