Senior Web Designer

Creative Franklin, Tennessee


If you’re just looking for a J-O-B or the next good “opportunity” to move up the career ladder, this is probably not for you. But if you’re looking for something different, maybe it’s here on our Creative Team.

“I get to do work that matters with a talented, passionate, caring team. Remember group projects in school? This is the most FUN group project you can have, and bonus—there are no slackers! Everyone who's here is on the same mission. No one's just collecting a paycheck. And these are some of the most creative people I've ever known. When you use creativity to accomplish a big mission . . . magic can happen.” — Senior Web Designer

We have put together a Creative Team of over 120 people that is bigger than the sum of its parts. We are on a mission to change the world. Money problems, marriage problems, career problems and life problems are strangling the creativity of everyday people and businesses. We want to CHANGE that culture. We HAVE to. It has to stop. We want people to be free from the chains of these problems so they can do what they were meant to do. Our mission to change the world isn’t easy. We experience resistance every day, because what we believe is absolutely countercultural. We’re weird. We actually hate debt. We actually cut up our credit cards . . . like, for real. We don’t use them in our entire business. We don’t use debt. Period. Some of us are still fighting our way out of it, but we aren’t going back in. We are the Creative Team—we’re on a big mission, and nothing will stop us.


  • 5+ years of digital design experience
  • High-level communication skills
  • A great attitude, ability to take criticism and willingness to learn/apply feedback
  • Experience in presenting ideas professionally
  • Ability to help refine and improve internal processes
  • Experience in defining projects and campaign direction
  • Ability to design original pieces with excellence
  • Ability to meet deadlines and collaborate with a team
  • Strong attention to visual details
  • Strong knowledge of color, typography, design and graphic principles
  • Degree in Design, Fine Arts, or related field
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and InVision


“There are a lot of talented teams doing awesome creative in the field, but the end goal is merely to sell something people don't need. Our message of hope at Ramsey is one that helps transform people's lives and changes their family tree. Knowing that every bit of creative we do helps support that message is so satisfying.” — Senior Web Designer

You have to be a PROBLEM SOLVER to work here. The two biggest problems we’re daily working toward solving are:

  1. Spreading Hope: How do we get our life-changing message of HOPE into the hearts, minds and souls of people who need help in a way that is WARM, REAL and BOLD?
  1. Creating a house of brands that looks and feels like Ramsey across every line of business we have. How do we create a house of brands that looks and feels like Ramsey across every line of business we have? Did you know that we are so much more than Dave Ramsey? We are Ramsey Solutions. What this means is that we are more than Financial Peace University and Dave, and we have many products that are growing and expanding past him (i.e., Ramsey Personalities, SmartDollar, EveryDollar, EntreLeadership, Ramsey Education, Business Boutique, SmartVestor and more). We’re looking for people who are PUMPED UP and PASSIONATE about solving the problem of how to build a house of brands underneath the umbrella of Ramsey Solutions, while still threading a cohesive story of HOPE through every piece of creative content. That is one of the biggest challenges our Creative Team faces today as we look toward the future as a world-class creative team.

Have you ever looked around at any of our websites? You should peek around and start asking yourself, What would I bring to the table to add value to this team?


  • Lead and own projects from start to finish
  • Create and update brand standards as they evolve
  • Be a key voice in advocating the importance of design throughout projects
  • Communicate with leaders, project managers and team members at a high-level
  • Contribute excellent design skills to fit and push the envelope of our warm, real and bold brand
  • Deliver design assets on deadline and bring up any issues early and often
  • Present ideas and pull in the right feedback quickly with a positive attitude
  • Stay up-to-date with industry tools and standards
  • Mentor junior designers, giving clear direction on how to improve the quality of design
  • Help refine and improve internal processes
  • Create digital and physical mock-ups and presentations to convey project ideas
  • CARE: You have to care a lot about people—both your team and the people who are consuming what your team creates. We call them our fans, and we are HUGE fans of our fans. Because at the end of the day, we exist and we create for the people who are NOT on our team. We exist to bring them HOPE. If you are not fired up to change lives in a way that is bold, unashamed and countercultural, we don’t want you here. We need people who are all in and care so much that they will do whatever it takes to get our message to more and more people.
  • HAVE PASSION: The message and content we are creating and putting out into the world are very countercultural, and you have to have a level of anger at the status quo to give you just enough push to get FIRED UP about the work we do. Do you feel CALLED and COMMITTED to join what we are doing here?
  • COMMUNICATE: You must be able to communicate well with others. It’s not all about you. It’s about the team.
  • EXECUTE BRAND VISION: You need to be able to work alongside other designers to execute and bring to life the design vision.
  • WORK WITH EXCELLENCE: Pursue excellence in the everyday. You must be GREAT at your discipline. And then strive for more.
  • MAKE WAVES: You must be able to bring new ideas to the table that we have never thought about to make waves in this industry and wake people up from the financial messes they find themselves in.

“Financial Peace has brought hope and a simple plan to change one's financial future for the past 25 years. Designing things like the workbook is so rewarding, espe­cially when I see customers using things I helped make. Whether they post it on Instagram or are doing a debt-free scream, I know that something I created helped them win and change their life for the better.” — Senior Web Designer


  • 401(k) Match: After one year, we’ll match 4%. (You can still contribute the first year. There is simply no match until after year one.)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Match: We match $500/year.
  • A TRUE 40-Hour Workweek: We work really hard in those 40 hours, but we want you to go home and invest in things outside of work at the end the day.
  • Guest Speakers: Hear from world-renowned speakers on a weekly basis.
  • Ministry Time: After one year, we give you one full paid workweek to volunteer for your favorite charity or nonprofit.
  • Professional Development: We offer ongoing personal and professional development training by the best in the industry.
  • Company Events: We throw out-of-this-world company-wide events: Spelling Bee, Battle of the Bands, Christmas Party, Field Day and more!
  • Awesome Work Culture: We have been named one of the Best Places to Work in Nashville 11 times. We’re very proud of that!

Do you want to be a part of the movement happening here? APPLY now!

**If you do NOT include a Creative Portfolio Website or web link, your resume will not be considered. Thank you!**