Ashoka Belgium Communication Intern - 2024

Media & Communications Brussels, Belgium


Position at Ashoka

Ashoka Belgium is hiring!

We offer you a unique opportunity to be involved in the social entrepreneurship sector in Belgium and Europe







Ashoka is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic intern to join its Belgian office, a person with a proven commitment to social change and a solid understanding of social innovation.


The intern will assist the Belgian team with key communications campaigns, marketing materials, social media and newsletter content, events organisation and community management.


The successful candidate will have excellent writing & communication skills in English (with knowledge of French and/or Dutch), strong organizational, time management and multitasking skills, and will be social- media savvy, self- motivated as well as a strong team player.


This is a great opportunity to experience working in the civil society / social entrepreneurship sector and take on considerable responsibilities.



  • Oversee the Social Media communication (content, planning, posting) and engagement (messages, comments, interactions): Linkedin and Instagram (Optional: Facebook Youtube, TikTok, X);
  • Develop contents strategy: curate and create rich content for Ashoka’s social media channels with text, video, image and audio. Tell our Ashoka Fellows’ stories & Ashoka’s narrative;
  • Design and develop marketing materials for Ashoka’s work, programmes and events;
  • Work on Ashoka Belgium’s website: make recommendations on the next steps, support with content copywriting, storytelling and editing;
  • Launch external communication newsletter;
  • Define a Public Relations Strategy: toolkits and Ashoka’s narratives for the pool of media we work with.



  • Lead and coordinate the logistical delivery of events – including online events; Organise and provide the relevant information before and after the events;
  • Support the team in strategic outreach and community contacts management;
  • General support of the local teams in creating and implementing programmes and projects: content (PowerPoint presentation), logistics, writing.



  • Complete certain administrative tasks relevant to the Programmes (e.g. database management on Salesforce) and necessary for the smooth running of the team;




  • Proficient with Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint;
  • Proficient with social medias: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, X, Youtube;
  • Familiar with design tools (image and videos): Canva, InDesign, iMovie, etc;
  • Must be creative and resourceful in problem solving ;
  • Keen to develop and create communication material for Ashoka Belgium;
  • Fluent in English; Proficient in French and/or Dutch.



  • Relevant professional experience communication and community management.
  • Demonstrated track record in producing high quality written materials;
  • Able to communicate clearly and efficiently with diverse audiences;
  • Able to work productively, proactively and independently, on own initiative; Highly organized and detail-oriented;
  • Strong team player.



Ashoka has a rigorous screening process for hiring staff at all career stages. Applicants for all positions must possess the following qualities along with the appropriate degree of experience:


Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship: is compelled to take creative initiative and ownership (e.g. founding an organization or company, starting a movement, or re-shaping the work of an existing organization), demonstrates relentless and realistic how-to thinking and passion for seeing their ideas come to life.


Understanding and Belief in Everyone A Changemaker™: understands and believes the Everyone A Changemaker vision at a good level. To be able to innately get this, candidates should have a broad and inquisitive intellectual and a thinking pattern that connects the dots between historical trends and current social context


Emotional and Social Intelligence: has the ability to work efficiently and respectfully in teams, putting organizational/team goals first. Understands how individual, groups, and societies work and engage effectively in savvy, subtle, honest ways.


Ethical Fibre: has exceptionally strong ethical behaviour. Is self-reflective and has strong empathy skills. Trustworthy.


Self-Definition: believes in own ability to contribute meaningfully to most important issues facing the sector at the global level.