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Position at Ashoka

Framework Change Leader, Europe

The Opportunity

Ashoka’s vision is of an Everyone a Changemaker society, where every person — and young people in particular — have the confidence, ability, and support to be changemakers for the good of all. In a world defined by rapid change, interconnectedness and uncertainty, and where our social problems are deep and urgent, changemaking must become the new literacy. Such a shift is significant and will require a movement that fundamentally re-examines how young people grow up and learn — in and out of school — and how we see and support them today as change agents. It will require more than any specific curriculum or skill set, but rather a new mindset and new priorities.

The role of the Framework Change Leader is to leverage social communications in Europe to create a new societal narrative about what it means to grow up successfully.

Ashoka is unleashing demand for the imperative 21st-century skills of empathy, teamwork, new leadership, and changemaking in households and schools across the nation. To do this we have mobilized Ashoka Fellows and young changemakers across Europe and strategic partners across many sectors. The directive of this network is to create a fundamental shift in society where becoming a changemaker is as valuable as learning to read and write. The Framework Change Leader will compost our emerging Everyone A Changemaker movement with the institutions that shape prevailing social narratives in Europe.

Why Ashoka?

Over the last 35 years, Ashoka Innovators for the Public coined the term social entrepreneur and pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship globally. On one hand, we searched and launched 3,000+ extraordinary men and women with system changing ideas to solve problems. These include leaders like Jimmy Wales, Harish Hande, Shaheen Mistri, and Kailash Sathyarthi.

On the other, we helped the world see why social entrepreneurship was a more powerful way to drive change. Seeing differently, helped people do differently. Investors invested in them, journalists wrote about them, universities created programs and taught courses, and incubators/accelerators supported them. In some countries, even governments created policies to support social entrepreneurs.

We continue to grow the global movement of social entrepreneurship, and, we recognize this is not enough. The rate of change is accelerating and our problems are growing faster than our solutions. In such an environment it is not enough for a few to lead and others to follow. Everyone must be a changemaker. Above all others, four changemaking skills – empathy, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and leadership – are essential to equip each of us to respond to changes around us.

And this can happen only if we start young! Like math and science, changemaking skills need to be practised early on. More than skills to memorize and repeat, it is the skills to empathize, collaborate, and constructively act that will equip children to survive and lead in the current reality. Changemaking skills are as important as literacy was in the industrial era.

To prepare our children to face challenges we cannot yet conceive, the most powerful thing we can do is to help society prioritize changemaking skills for children and youth. Ashoka is committed to driving a mindset shift in society from one in which aspirations for children are benchmarked on grades, to one that measures mastery of changemaking skills.

Ashoka is not setting out to teach every child changemaking skills. Instead, Ashoka is committed to acting as a catalyst focused on creating urgency and demand for changemaking skills in society. 

Much like what we did with the field of social entrepreneurship, we are seeking to drive this mindset shift in society by helping people see differently. We intend to work with co-creators (Ashoka Fellows, young changemakers, and other leaders) to influence key actors including, parents, schools, governments, media, and companies to see why changemaking skills are key for their children to succeed and contribute effectively in society. It will open opportunities to change how we parent, what we teach our children and youth, what stories we write, how we hire and organize, and how to report success. 

Success to us lies in tipping the narrative in society on what we believe are the key skills children need. Metrics: Do other key influencers now say changemaking skills are key? Are more parents prioritizing changemaker skills for their children? Are schools or government now using pedagogy and curriculum to instil changemaking skills in teachers and children? Are companies looking to hire changemakers? Are big media platforms writing about changemaking skills for children and championing a role for young leaders in mainstream decision-making?


  • Create a strategic communications architecture for Europe.
  • Establish strong media relationships.
  • Identify opportunities to partner with aligned actors, and to raise the level of awareness of Ashoka and the Everyone a Changemaker vision.
  • Build a regional communications team and nurture communications staff talent.

Key achievements expected 

  • Develop a regional/global storytelling movement that encourages the sharing of stories of exemplary “new game” behaviour, including breaking down walls between sectors to form problem-solving partnerships, the transformation of passive victims and onlookers into active changemakers, and a systems approach to solution development.
  • Content: Ensure Ashoka’s narrative leads with our vision and empowers our community of partners. Share and create stories that show, not just tell, the shift towards citizen and youth agency. 
  • Movement positioning: Lead our efforts to build cohesive and leveraged approaches with movement partners to advance framework change initiatives such as Lead Young, and Everyone a Changemaker. Work with teams globally to ensure effectiveness and consistency. 
  • Press: Launch, nurture, and guide the media partnership strategy aligned with Ashoka’s strategy. Cultivate key influencers, media, and publishers.
  • Digital: Ensure Ashoka’s web and social media properties align with and drive strategic messaging. Innovate ways for Ashoka to further develop a digital presence and brand.
  • Raising resources to support and build the storytelling movement with partners.


As the Europe Framework Change Leader, you must have: 

  • Extensive experience leading and collaborating with innovators in the communications and media-based storytelling field.
  • Launched and led your own business or organization and have a proven track record of significantly scaling social impact
  • A history of creating new ideas, bringing them to fruition, and creating systemic change in a given field
  • Experience working with and/or managing programs centred around furthering changemaking and/or empathy
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in forming and growing major partnerships
  • Experience in mobilizing networks that cut across sectors
  • Raised significant funding
  • A minimum of 15 years’ experience

The role is based out of LONDON, UK. The role is a strongly intrapreneurial one that gives you the freedom and opportunity to leverage our exceptional global network and bring the future closer.

If this sounds like you, please submit your CV alongside a cover letter that gives a brief description of your background and an explanation of your interest in the role.