Archiving Intern

Executive Office Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

Internship Position: Data Archiving Inter
Company: Ashoka
Location: Arlington, VA
Duration: 3 to 6 months
Position Overview: As a Data Archiving intern, you will play a crucial role in preserving and organizing historical data related to the executive office. This internship program aims to create opportunities for evaluating and utilizing our organization’s historical data for future growth.
1.    Document Organization:
  •  Sort and organize physical and digital documents, ensuring they are correctly labeled and stored.
  • Assist in creating a systematic approach for archiving documents, including developing a filing system.
2.    Data Entry:
  •  Accurately input information into databases or electronic archiving systems.
  • Ensure that all data entries are consistent, accurate, and up to date.
3.    Scanning and Digitization:
  • Scan physical documents and convert them into digital formats.
  • Ensure scanned documents are of high quality and properly saved in the designated folders.
4.    File Management:
  • Maintain and update existing files and records, ensuring they are easily accessible.
  • Assist in the creation of backup copies for all digital files to prevent data loss.
5.    Inventory Management:
  • Keep an inventory of all archived materials, both physical and digital.
  • Regularly update the inventory to reflect new additions or removals.
6.    Compliance and Security:
  • Ensure that all archiving practices comply with relevant regulations and organizational policies.
  •  Maintain the confidentiality and security of all archived materials.
7.    Assisting with Research:
  • Aid in research activities by retrieving specific documents or information from the archives as needed.
  • Assist in compiling reports based on archived materials.
8.    Quality Control:
  • Conduct periodic checks to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the archived materials.
  • Identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors in the archiving system.
9.    Support Team Members:
  •  Collaborate with team members to ensure the smooth operation of archiving processes.
10.    Project Reporting:
  • Prepare regular reports on the progress of archiving activities.
  • Provide updates on any challenges encountered and propose solutions.
11.    Process Improvement:
  • Suggest improvements to existing archiving procedures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Stay informed about best practices and new technologies in document archiving.
12.    Organizational Systems:
  • Design and maintain organizational systems for archiving.
  • Create indexes, meta-tags, and material descriptions.
  • Convert relevant material into digital formats where possible.
•    Currently enrolled in a relevant academic program (e.g., 
•    Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.
•    Familiarity with archival principles and best practices.
•    Proficiency in using spreadsheets and databases.
•    Excellent communication skills.