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Arab World Framework Change Leader

Ashoka is the global pioneer of social entrepreneurship. We have built the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs, with 3,800 Ashoka Fellows spanning 80+ countries. These leading social entrepreneurs create new, pattern-changing ideas to solve seemingly intractable challenges and act as role models and recruiters for the next generation of changemakers. They point us to the next frontiers of change in society and inspire the ideas that shape Ashoka’s strategies.

The world is currently facing a historical moment. For generations, society has followed a siloed, hierarchical approach to problem-solving defined by repetitive efficiency. But this approach is falling short when it comes to the number and complexity of the shared problems we now face. So, the rules of the game, and indeed, the game itself, are changing – change is the new normal, and the most fluid systems and teams are the ones that thrive. One rule is paramount: everyone can and must be empowered to drive positive change. This is the “Everyone A Changemaker” vision that Ashoka is working toward, a vision that is our best hope for building a world where problems no longer outrun solutions.

Ashoka is looking for a Framework Change entrepreneur with a strong background in strategy development to make Ashoka’s “Everyone a Changemaker” vision a reality. 

The Framework Change LGM for Arab World will grapple with questions including: 

  • How do big ideas catch on broadly across society?
  • What can we learn from our extraordinary network of Ashoka Fellows about establishing new changemaking patterns and decision-making structures?
  • How can we accelerate toward the Everyone a Changemaker world, prioritizing key skills such as empathy-based ethics, creativity, teamwork, and leadership?
  • Who are the people and organizations in and beyond the ecosystem that we need to engage in the conversation?

As Ashoka sees it, an EACH world is one in which everyone has the capacity and opportunity to contribute and to create positive change. In an EACH world, everyone is powerful, everyone has a voice, everyone has access to relevant and necessary resources, and everyone can thrive. Systems of oppression and hierarchy have no place in an EACH world because no groups should dominate or exploit others — including in the realm of changemaking. In this world, the systems that perpetuate inequity have been dismantled and rebuilt to enable equal access to opportunities and embrace the incredible range of perspectives, narratives, and lived human experiences.​

As a Leadership Group Member, the Arab World Framework Change Leader will have the opportunity to: 

  • Lead the Arab World team-of-teams structure to enhance Framework Change regional outcomes through systems design and analysis;
  • Improve regional strategy and insight capabilities to tie all regional activities into global movements and more effectively participate in the global Ashoka mission and vision;
  • Engage global partner organizations to leverage the power of Ashoka’s network, insights, and framework into “new game” business models, structures, and messages;
  • Co-create a global storytelling movement that encourages the sharing of stories of exemplary “new game” behavior, including breaking down walls between sectors to form problem-solving partnerships and enabling passive victims and onlookers to re-identify as active changemakers;
  • And co-lead strategic decision-making that affects Ashoka’s growth globally to leverage Ashoka’s vast network in 80+ countries.

Desired Skills and Experience
The Arab World Framework Change Leader should have a track record of creating new ideas that have resulted in a systemic change in his/her field. He/she should believe deeply in the power of social entrepreneurship and understand Ashoka’s Everyone A Changemaker™ vision. He/she should also have the following characteristics/experience: 

  • Multiyear track record of developing innovative solutions and successfully bringing them to fruition;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop major client and partner relationships;
  • Exceptional capacity for thought leadership and team-of-teams organizational leadership;
  • Proven ability to lead through influence, ideas, and insights;
  • And strong social and emotional intelligence and leadership qualities conducive to inspiring, enabling, and integrating an entrepreneurial team with respect and collegiality.

And they will meet Ashoka's core hiring criteria:  

  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship:  Demonstrates a track record of taking creative initiative and ownership (e.g., founding an organization or company, starting a movement, or re-shaping the work of an existing organization).
  • Understanding of & Belief in the Everyone a Changemaker Vision: Aligns with Ashoka’s vision of an EACH future at a gut level; demonstrates broad, inquisitive intellect and thinking patterns that connect the dots between historical trends and current social contexts.
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence:  Has the ability to efficiently and respectfully lead and work in teams.
  • Ethical Fiber:  Possesses exceptionally strong ethical behavior.
  • Self-Definition:  Assumes that changing the world in big ways is their path in life.

Ashoka is an equal opportunity employer and invites applications from candidates regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion. The position is based in the regional Ashoka Arab World hub office in Cairo, Egypt. For more information visit us at https://www.ashoka.org/getinvolved/team