Southern Solutions Associate Role Description - Ashoka U.S.

Ashoka U.S. Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

As the Southern Solutions Associate, you will:   
  • Research social innovation in the American South  
  • Compile data that reveals the need for social innovation for economic and environmental justice in the American South.  
  • Organize and transcribe changemaker interviews conducted during the Southern Solutions Tour    
  • Support the synthesis of research findings and the distillation of critical insights for the Southland Opportunity map  
  • Support the development of virtual and in-person events.  
Deliverables include:  
  • Organize, transcribe, and edit audio recordings from Southern Solutions tour interviews  
  • Research and identify data that sheds light on the “funding desert” problem in the American South 
  • Use Salesforce to track funding opportunities  
  • Research to identify collective impact initiatives in the American South  
  • Write profiles for collective impact initiatives in the American South  
  • Support programming and planning for the Southland Opportunity virtual and in-person events  
Time Commitment:  
  • Estimated hours of commitment per week: 10-20    
  • Period May 15, 2024 – August 3, 2024 
Skills and Experience:  
We seek a curious mind with a passion for social justice, as demonstrated by research experience on topics such as the racial wealth gap and climate change solutions. The ideal candidate is also an analytical ninja with a talent for turning data into insights and experience developing high-quality research papers/reports on issues related to this work. We also seek an emerging storyteller who can bring this research to life through compelling narratives, knowing how to turn research into real-world impact by articulating complex information into actionable insights. In short, we are looking for someone willing to do research for the opportunity to practice their storytelling skills for social impact and community building 
Although this is an unpaid position, your hard work will not go unnoticedWe are committed to supporting your career advancement by providing references, connections, and the opportunity to build a portfolio of workThis invaluable experience will help you stand out in a competitive job marketFor those seeking employment in this space, the role offers the chance to test drive your career path, giving you the confidence to pursue your passions by working on an initiative that will make a real impact.   
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:  
We are committed to ensuring a team culture of respect, well-being, and empathy, with particular attention and care to create a space where all are valued and included. We understand the value of diversity and how it is crucial to innovation and a world where everyone contributes to changemaking.