Communications & Marketing Manager

Media & Communications Bangalore, India


Position at Ashoka

The Opportunity 

Ashoka is seeking a creative and intrapreneurial Communications & Marketing Manager  to accelerate our ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ vision and narrative in South Asia. She/he will grapple with such questions as: How do big ideas catch on broadly across society? What can we learn from our extraordinary network of Ashoka Fellows about establishing new patterns and norms? How can we help everyone grasp the new paradigm for success in growing up and inspire every young person to become a changemaker?  

Key Achievements Include 

  • Media partnerships: Launch, nurture, and guide media collaboration aligned with Ashoka’s framework change. Cultivate key influencers, media, and publishers. 
  • Comprehensive Storytelling: develop a national storytelling framework that encourages the sharing of stories demonstrating the shift towards youth and citizen agency, and the systems change approach to solution development. 
  • Movement Marketing: Lead Ashoka’s efforts to build cohesive and leveraged approaches with movement partners and co-leaders to advance framework change initiatives, such as Ashoka Young Changemakers and Everyone a Changemaker. 

Qualifications and Qualities 

The right candidate will have the skills and 8+ years of related experience to: 

  • Creating and implementing marketing and community engagement strategies; 
  • Building and nurturing media partnerships; 
  • Researching and developing stories that tie to institutional vision/objectives; 
  • Providing media briefings to institutional spokespeople or partners, and prepare them for persuasive storytelling; 
  • Monitoring and evaluating impact of call to action; 
  • Cross-cultural communications, including English proficiency to work in a global environment; 
  • Experience working with a distributed workforce and a very strong institutional culture; 
  • Ability to create and maintain strong relationships around the world, and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders; 
  • Internal motivation and high ethical standards; 

This is a full-time position based in Bangalore.