Next Now New Longevity LGM

New Longevity Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

What You’ll Do 
·      Build a framework for lifelong contribution: Help society recognize and accelerate mechanisms that will allow everyone to be a changemaker throughout life, especially after their 60s. 
·      Initiate and build strong partnerships with top institutions to enable this framework and shift mindsets and behaviors around lifelong contribution and changemaking. 
·      Co-Lead the New Longevity global team and strategy with cross-functional and cross-organizational stakeholders. This entails iteratively learning and creating, as well as integrating efforts with the larger global team. 
What You’ll Bring 
·      Track record of highly successful entrepreneurship, with a history of generating new ideas and leading them to system-changing impacts 
·      Demonstrated effectiveness in developing strong partnerships and cross-sector coalitions in an entrepreneurial context 
·      Openness and flexibility to think across fields and geographies   
·      Excellent conceptual and communication skills 
·      Gracious team player 
·      Minimum of 20 years' experience 
·      Strong networks in the fields of longevity, government, and media ideal