Character Concept Artist

Art/Animation Bellevue, Washington


Character Concept Artist

Our studio is looking for a Character Concept Artist who is incredibly passionate about games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. Our Character Concept Artist is responsible for creating compelling, original character concept art and helping our team achieve their aesthetic vision.


  • You are personally driven to achieve excellence in concept art, with a unique focus on characters.
  • You find it deeply satisfying to work collaboratively to create an evocative and diverse cast of characters that excite the imagination.
  • You enjoy working closely with designers, writers, character artists and animators to ensure that each character design occupies a compelling space within the game.
  • You are passionate about using unique, creative angles to explore relatable character archetypes.
  • You have a large visual library to draw upon that extends beyond referencing other video games for inspiration.
  • You are an excellent communicator both verbally and visually; whether working on a detailed, finalized character design or a quick, simple napkin sketch to assist another team member.
  • You love the entire process of character design - from loose gestures to get the team talking to nailing down every last detail to create a fully realized, memorable design.
  • You love making games and can empathize deeply with players.
  • You have shipped at least one successful AAA title from start to finish, or equivalent game development experience.


  • Meeting with our Game Director, Lead Character Artist and Lead Character Tech Artist to review your most recent work.
  • Syncing with a Gameplay Designer to make sure your character design is aligning with the overall gameplay goals of the team.
  • Jumping into the engine or joining a playtest session to evaluate how your character designs are working in context of the game.
  • Meeting with your team manager to plan your career goals for the next year.

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