Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

Marketing Franklin, Tennessee


Founded in 1992 by Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Solutions exists to provide biblically based, commonsense education and empowerment that give HOPE to everyone in every walk of life. Our mission to change the world isn’t easy. We experience resistance every day because what we believe is absolutely countercultural. We’re weird. We actually hate debt. We actually cut up our credit cards . . . like, for real. We don’t use them in our entire business. We don’t use debt. Period. Some of us are still fighting our way out of it, but we aren’t going back in. If you don’t know much about Ramsey Solutions or our founder Dave Ramsey, go watch a bunch of these videos and then come back and finish reading. 

Nearly 6 million: the number of lives changed through Financial Peace University

16 million: the number of weekly listeners to The Dave Ramsey Show

1 million: the number of people who’ve attended our live events

900 and growing: the number of team members at Ramsey Solutions who do work that matters

15 and growing: the number of digital products we develop and maintain

We’re growing like crazy and are looking for an amazing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist who wants a career with a purpose. Our channel marketing team is on a crusade to help people change their lives! Do you want to see the work you do make a huge impact on others each and every day? Read on!

We’re looking for a highly motivated CRO Specialist to help us understand how our customers are moving through our sites, improve their user experience and increase the conversion to life-change. We’re highly focused on predictive experiences, including segmentation and personalization! You will work with cross-functional teams to help build digital products.

Here’s what winning looks like in this role:

Drive the utilization and growth of experimentation for Financial Peace University, so the business can make the best decisions for their customer experiences.

  1. Experimentation life cycle
    1. Ideation
      1. Work with the business to understand priorities and goals.
      2. Work with analyst to identify opportunities and insights.
      3. Perform user testing when needed to gather qualitative feedback.
      4. Work with cross-functional teams in idea discovery.
      5. Collate and create test ideas.
      6. Define experiment success metrics.
    2. Delivery
      1. Define and build audiences for experience targeting.
      2. Set up valid A/B tests as well as segmented and personalized customer experiences.
      3. Coordinate work with makers to build medium- and high-complexity test plans into a functioning front-end experience.
      4. Build low-complexity tests using HTML, CSS and JavaScript when necessary.
      5. Work with QA to mitigate bugs and production issues.
      6. Monitor active experiments and determine when they should end.
    3. Performance analysis
      1. Determine experiment performance through an analytical lens.
      2. Share results and help the business interpret data.       
  2. Open dialogue and collaboration across verticals and channels.      
  3. Consistency, quality and cadence 
    1. Ensure experimentation is properly designed to avoid pitfalls that would invalidate results.
    2. Document activities consistently and thoroughly.
    3. Deliver consistent week over week testing.
    4. Balance a mix of low-, medium- and high-effort activities.
  4. Communication and reporting
    1. Share upcoming, present and past activities and results within your business.
    2. Deliver regular reports up to leadership.
    3. Communicate learnings across the organization.
  5. Positive relationships and collaboration with teammates
    1. Speak with key stakeholders to get unification and clarity around:
      1. Objectives/Goals
      2. Metrics
      3. Processes
      4. Customers (Audience)
    2. Collaborate on prioritization and set realistic expectations.

Oversee the production, growth and strategic initiatives of the Financial Peace CRO program.

  1. Optimization road map
    1. Lead the team in identifying opportunities, prioritizing and scheduling regular experimentation activities.
  2. Optimization OKRs for your business
    1. Ensure activities are aligned to broader business goals.
  3. Manage expectations
    1. Actively participate in key planning.
    2. Provide clear communication to project managers and others during production.
    3. Set clear expectations and deliver on reporting needs.
  4. Encourage positive criticism and resolution-driven discussions.
    1. Absorb and seek to understand all criticism.
    2. Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement.
    3. Advocate up to ensure that these opportunities are achieved
Empower and provide hope to our customers while also supporting our leadership and strategic initiatives.
  1. Support the director of optimization in developing and executing effective experimentation strategies.
    1. Develop, share learnings, and help improve our team’s overall SME and strategy.
    2. Be an advocate for the experimentation program, helping to continually educate the organization on valid, meaningful experimentation and why we test.
    3. Assist the Optimization Team in best practices and innovation.                                                                               
  2. Identify and advocate for experimentation initiatives that will help us provide the best experience and opportunities of hope for our customers.                                                                                          
  3. Support company culture.                                                                  
  4. Support your business’s strategies and initiatives.
    1. Assist the BU in acquiring learnings that will help the development of their customer journeys and products.

And by the way, we’re not stuffy and corporate around here. We protect our culture and care about your work environment. Our leadership really communicates and listens! Because of that, we offer perks and benefits such as . . .

  • 401(k) match on first 4%
  • HSA match up to $500 a year
  • World-renowned speakers on a weekly basis
  • One full paid workweek of Ministry Time, so you can volunteer for your favorite charity or nonprofit
  • Ongoing personal and professional development training by the best in the industry
  • Core values that promote work-life balance—we actually believe in a 40-hour work week!
  • Wellness reimbursement to put toward hitting the gym
  • Free Costco or Sam’s Club membership
  • Working with amazing people in a culture where we recognize each other’s wins and celebrate together often with fun activities such as our annual Battle of the Bands and one legendary Christmas Party

We’re on a mission to change lives—it’s a calling. Join the crusade! Apply now.