Director/Producer of The Rachel Cruze Show

Creative Franklin, Tennessee


We are searching for one in a million: A creative with honesty, integrity, and responsibility at their core who are motivated to help people find the joy that comes with freedom from debt. 

Being part of The Rachel Cruze Show team is more than a job; this is a career formed out of the response to a calling and a love for the work. And this work means clearly showing each viewer that money shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun!

We need someone who has a 60/40 split creative/administrative brain. The right brain and the left brain must be firing on all cylinders. We need someone to direct creatively on set and still be able to balance all the details of a producer.

Can you think up a 3-segment story with a hook, a clear direction, and a heavy hitting closer that’s got a 10-minute run time? Can you scale those stories and have a 10% contingency plan in mind?  Can you close out the video shoot after it’s finished? Can you support an AP who’s overwhelmed? Can you release talent, command a set, and handle stress with peace? Can you get on board with supporting Rachel Cruze and bring out her best with your directorial gifts? This is the stuff we work through daily, so are you up to the challenge?

If you are the Director/Producer we need:

  • You are a visionary, communicator, and can execute a plan.
  • You are collaborative, you enjoy round tables and knocking around a story until it clicks.
  • You play an active role in creative vision; development and execution. 
  • You have an eye for design and how story is translated to screen through lighting and scenic elements.
  • You have a voice, and you use it to include, clarify, and simplify. 
  • You articulate ideas and intangibles well.
  • You have a deep sense of empathy for the people we serve.
  • You have a passion for storytelling.
  • You laugh when things are funny.
  • You will ensure the brand’s vision is delivered.
  • You’ve enjoyed leading creative teams on set and off.
  • You can talk shop and translate it seamlessly for those who don’t.
  • You can scale in preproduction keeping in mind budget, dreams, realities, and schedule.
  • You have experience in the video industry, and you can navigate a set with confidence.
  • You firmly believe in what we are doing.
  • You’re excited to work with Rachel, who can dig into a pepperoni pizza and an itemized budget with the same level of intensity and excitement.

And by the way, we’re not stuffy and corporate around here. We protect our culture and care about your work environment. Our leadership really communicates and listens! Because of that, we offer perks and benefits such as . . .

  • 401(k) match on first 4%
  • HSA match: $500 a year
  • World-renowned speakers on a weekly basis
  • Ministry time: We pay you for one full workweek, so you can volunteer for your favorite charity or nonprofit
  • Ongoing personal and professional development training by the best in the industry
  • Core values that promote work-life balance, excellence in the ordinary, and a self-employed mentality
  • Wellness reimbursement to put toward hitting the gym
  • Free Costco or Sam’s Club membership
  • Working with amazing people in a culture where we recognize each other’s wins and celebrate together often with monthly lunches and on-the-clock, fun activities such as our company-wide Spelling Bee, annual Battle of the Bands, and one legendary Christmas Party

It’s a calling, and we’re on a mission to change lives. Join the crusade! Apply now.

***To be considered, please include your demo reel on your application.