Refrigeration & HVAC Apprentice 3rd or 4th Year

HVAC / CVAC Dartmouth, Canada


Position at Ainsworth

Standard Procedure



Subject: Job Description – HVAC Mechanic


PROGRAM:  Profit and Expense Control









































SUBJECT: Job Description –HVAC Mechanic




This standard procedure establishes and describes the functional role, authority, responsibilities, duties, reporting relationships and measure of performance for the position of Project Foreman.




Required: High school plus 5 years of technical training in the principles of HVAC. 

Preferred: Associates Degree or equivalent as evidenced by a combination

of formal training and/or work experience.


2.2              Licenses/Certifications

Relevant HVAC License

Valid driver’s license

Ongoing safety certification


A minimum of 1 years of journeyman’s experience in the installation, maintenance and/or repair of HVAC systems.


2.4Skill, Knowledge and Abilities

Computer literate.  Comprehensive working knowledge of tools/equipment used in HVAC trade; maintenance and repair of HVAC systems; associated control systems; blueprints, plans; and energy management techniques. Skills in effective supervision including training, assigning and evaluating work, and ensuring safety.  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, follow oral and written instructions, establish/maintain effective work relationships.  He/she must be able to lead by example.



Body Positions: Standing, climbing, sitting

Body Movements: carrying, lifting, use of hands, eyes and arms and voice.

All work to be undertaken is strict adherence to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice.



Ability to analyze issues or problems that often require assessment and reasoning before coming up with an approach or solution. Ability to work under pressure and perform with patience and diplomacy. Language requirements are reading, writing, spelling and the ability to communicate clearly on all technical and business levels.



2.6Working Conditions

Work in all types of conditions and weather.  Working both indoors and outdoors winter and summer.





3.1The basic function of the HVAC Mechanic is to supervise and participate in the installation, maintenance, modification, overhaul, service and repair of HVAC systems.

3.2Read and interpret blueprints, drawings or other specifications, Measure and lay out reference points for installation

3.3Assemble and install refrigeration or air conditioning components such as motors, controls, gauges, valves, circulating pumps, condensers, humidifiers, evaporators and compressors using hand and power tools

3.4Measure and cut piping, and connect piping using welding and brazing equipment

3.5Install, troubleshoot and overhaul entire heating, ventilation, air handling, refrigeration and air conditioning systems

3.6Start up system and test for leaks using testing devices

3.7Recharge system with refrigerant, check and test regulators, calibrate system and perform routine maintenance or servicing

3.8Repair and replace parts and components for entire refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation or heat pump systems

3.9May install, maintain and repair equipment in refrigerated trucks used to transport food or medical supplies

4.0May prepare work estimates for clients.

4.1An interest in working with mechanical and electrical/electronic systems

4.2Manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude

4.3Ability to read blueprints and technical specifications

4.4A creative approach to problem solving

4.5Good eye-hand coordination, colour vision

4.6Physical strength and stamina

4.7Ability to get along well with co-workers and customers

4.8Ability to work alone or as a member of a team

4.9Aptitude for science and mathematics

5.0Awareness of safe working procedures and environmental regulations

5.1An interest in keeping up to date in the field

5.2The HVAC Mechanic will ensure that all work is completed within the current performance and quality standards of Halifax Heating & Air Conditioning Co. Inc. and adhere to all pertinent codes and legislation in the building maintenance sector of the construction industry, including safe and efficient practices, materials and legislations.                                                                                                               

5.3To actively promote a co-operative and helpful attitude to ensure good customer relations and satisfaction in line with the core values of Halifax Heating & Air Conditioning.


5.4To effectively contribute to the provision of accurate records for time and materials for work undertaken


 5.5To take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations and the company’s Health and Safety policy.


5.6Make suggestions and recommendations to improve working practices and improve efficiency.





The HVAC mechanic reports directly to the Vice President of Operations.




The principal responsibilities of the HVAC Mechanic include, but are not limited to the following:


5.1Plan, schedule and assign work to ensure proper distribution of work, adequate manpower and ensure it is carried out in a profitable manner.

5.2Ensure assignments are completed in a timely manner in conjunction with dispatchers requests.

5.3Provide training and instruction to personnel on activities relating to HVAC service, maintenance and installation to ensure an acceptable work performance level.




The principal duties of the HVAC mechanic shall consist of but not be limited to the following:


6.1Manage assigned tasks as required to ensure customer schedules and requirements are met while complying with budgetary restraints.

Ensure progress paperwork is completed in a timely manner in conjunction with dispatcher assigned to the customer.

6.2Comply with all governmental and safety regulations as well as company policies and procedures.


6.3Promote total quality work ethic.


6.4Assist in the appraisal of repair/replacement work; participate in approved work as required.


6.5Any other relevant duty that may be assigned to you from time to time.