Corporate Change Management for Social Impact Summer Intern

Changemaker Companies Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

Over its 40 years of operation, Ashoka has identified and supported over 4000 systems-changing social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) globally. Ashoka also works with dozens of companies across industries and geographies to pioneer system-wide change and drive companies’ abilities to integrate social and environmental impact considerations into core business. Through supporting social entrepreneurs and engaging employees in our partnerships, the Changemaker Companies Team at Ashoka provides a unique opportunity to help companies embody purpose and increasingly improve their social and environmental footprint. 

We are looking for a self-driven, collaborative, highly professional individual who can help us deepen our change management capabilities to drive corporate culture shift towards integrating an impact mindset.   The Intern will work closely with members of the US Changemaker Companies Team (CMC), a global team at Ashoka with a strong presence in DC, to frame the project and develop deliverables. The work products of this internship will contribute to significant decision-making around our change management work with US-based, multi-national corporations.  

This graduate-level internship will contribute to the following aspects of our work with companies:

  1. Based on our existing change management frameworks and the research conducted, prototype a change management toolkit to support our CMC teams to conduct deeper change management practices within our existing and prospective CMC partnerships
  2. Contribute to our client acquisition and client management strategies 

 Logistical Details 

  • The length of the internship is from late-May 2023 to early August 2023 (with flexible start and end dates).  There will be a summer break in July.
  • This is a mostly remote summer internship that, if possible, will include occasional in-person meetings in Washington DC.   
  • It is an unpaid summer internship, but we can support you with applying to university funding and/or summer credits.  
  • A short cover letter expressing your interest in corporate transformation towards changemaking and/or your experience with change management will be viewed favorably.  

The Role 

  • Conduct extensive research to clarify how to conduct change management in corporations and how this translates into companies ESG practices 
  • Map market to surface who is providing change management expertise for corporations on their ESG journey, including social entrepreneurs and CMC competitors/peers and how they are doing it   
  • Develop a change management toolkit that will be trialed and validated by CMC Partnership Manager  
  • Validate the toolkit as an effective corporate engagement strategy, gather research and feedback from CMC Partnership Managers, refine the toolkit, and ensure a fit with Ashoka’s corporate partners’ needs/Changemaker Company’s existing transformation methodology 


  • Experience with change management in the professional services industry with a focus on user experience, such as management of client-facing relationships, using design thinking, accompanying tech implementation and or any other transformation in business. 
  • Excellent written communication skills.  
  • Ability to work independently and meet self-imposed deadlines and targets. 
  • Experience and interest in the business for impact space.  
  • Strong interest and/or background in change management and social and environmental impact.   
  • Alignment with Ashoka’s core strategy of Everyone a Changemaker.   
  • Fluent spoken and written English is a must. 
  • Current MBA student