Product Manager for Ashoka's Changemaker Index

Global Arlington, Virginia


Position at Ashoka

About the Product

The Ashoka Changemaker Index (CMI) is a tool whose vision is to accelerate individuals' and groups’ understanding of changemaking abilities & changemaking density as critical components of success in our fast-changing world. The tool is in the form of a digital product with 2 components:

  1. A self-assessment questionnaire designed for individuals to determine where they are on their Changemaking Journey and to discover their strengths in various changemaking abilities.​
  2. A data dashboard for a leader or member of any group, institution, or organization interested in the answer to the question, “What is the changemaker density of my organization or community?”
About the Role
The Ashoka Impact and Evidence team is seeking a full-time Product Manager/Lead to manage and evolve the Changemaker Index to maintain product/market fit and meet customer needs.

The ideal candidate should:
  • feel comfortable collaborating across teams,
  • be data driven,
  • focus on meeting the needs of the product’s target user/consumer,
  • be a strategic thinker, and
  • be able to communicate across technical and non-technical teams and stakeholders.
  • Washington D.C. or Western Europe

Planning and Operations
  • Play a leadership role in the long-term planning and sustainability of the Impact Team, including building the team’s capacity, knowledge base, and processes
  • Build and evolve sustaining/able processes (documentation, intake and assessment, and backlog and roadmap management)
  • Prepare and guide the product budget
  • Enable coordination and communications between stakeholders, support teams, and other product managers within Ashoka’s digital ecosystem
Product Management (Strategic)
  • Develop and maintain the product roadmap (develop user-centered, strategic, high-level goals and objectives along an ambitious yet realistic/achievable timeline)
  • Defend the product’s vision
  • Enable team consensus and ensure stakeholder alignment
  • Advocate for funding and manage the product’s budget (in collaboration with Director of the Impact Team)
  • Manage the product backlog (generate and prioritize strategic new/enhanced features) to drive iterative product evolution
  • Process market/user research, marcom performance data, and product performance analytics, as input for the product backlog, and feature enhancement and development
  • Refine and validate the product’s business model
  • Compile and share periodic (use/adoption, performance, feedback) reports to stakeholders
  • Ensure product security and data privacy
Product Lead (Tactical)
  • Translate strategy into user stories and other individual tasks for the product backlog
  • Convene regular standups with engineering team for clarity, accountability, and deliverables
  • Explain the vision, purpose, goals, and objectives for each sprint to the engineering team
  • Break up the roadmap’s larger themes into more tactical steps
  • Manage the feedback/support request queue

Marketing and Communications
  • Coordinate user research and conduct user feedback survey as inputs to product/market fit
  • Develop clear, target-based, value proposition statement, pitch deck, and messaging
  • Position the product
  • Coordinate marketing strategy, plan, and execution
  • Coordinate periodic data collection and analysis on products for quarterly and annual impact reports

Product Integration / Maturation
  • Capture synergies between related, existing, and/or nascent products, platforms, and processes
  • Stabilize and standardize the product team’s operations
  • Enable staff exchange of ideas and learning across regions/teams, systematize knowledge sharing, and increase data literacy through regular engagements
Desired Skills & Experience
  • Experience: 3+ years of experience with digital product development.
  • Excellent communication skills: Ability to express complex information clearly both in conversation and in writing. We’re excited about someone with strong interpersonal skills who can inspire trust.
  • Analytical skills: Ability to synthesize and distill data into insights. Knowledge of Google Analytics or other business intelligence software is a plus.
  • Adaptability: Ability to work across diverse teams, to exercise judgement in unclear situations with changing dynamics among stakeholders, to juggle multiple and evolving priorities, and adjust as needed to achieve intended outcomes.
  • Initiative: Ability to proactively identify opportunities for contribution and improvement.
  • Team Player: Ability to work in a creative, collaborative team environment. Must be able to listen to others, demonstrating intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and openness to input and feedback.
  • Technical expertise: Familiarity with digital product terminologies and work processes, e.g. agile approaches, sprints, ticket triage & processing, etc.