Faith & Changemaking Engagement Manager

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Position at Ashoka

Faith and Changemaking Engagement Manager


This role is to help drive progress by the Faith and Changemaking team in its planning and operations, community management and communications, as well as by providing research, analysis, documentation, management of data and evaluation via surveys and other tools. In addition, it supports the program leader in partnership management activities including planning partner meetings and completing reporting requirements within Ashoka and for partners.


You will work directly with the program leader to support the team in four main ways:

  • Team Operations Support
  • Strategic Research
  • Faith -Inspired Changemakers Communications
  • Community Management


Team Operations Support

Support peer learning sessions for Ashoka teams around the world conducting Faith-Inspired Changemakers Masterclasses, strategic conversations with key influencers and related activities to bring EACH to the faith sector. You will support the team’s operation by such activities as:

  • Drafting meeting agendas and tracking responsibilities and follow-through
  • Managing zoom breakout rooms and operations during communications and working sessions.
  • Providing input on key team decisions by participating in regular team calls and calls with funding partners.
  • Supporting the team leader in other ways to help the team achieve its goals


Research on Potential Strategic Partners/Influencers

  • Conducting research needed for outreach, strategic conversations and other purposes, including on Ashoka Fellows, key influencers in the field, funders etc.
  • Identify stories of EACH in the faith sector that we can amplify and use as examples in our work
  • Finding, hiring and organizing volunteers and interns to support research efforts



A key part of the role will be to support activation and nurture of the community of faith-inspired Changemakers across Ashoka and globally with outreach and communications, content, calls to action, opportunities to learn and engage, etc., which will require such activities as:


  • Provide operational support to produce one episode of a Faith & Changemaking version of Welcome Change once per month
  • Support design needs of the team (InDesign, Illustrator, AfterEffects, etc.)
  • Upkeep the Faith & Changemaking online presence (websites, social media, etc.)
  • Provide strategic input for Faith & Changemaking communication efforts
  • Help spot media partnership opportunities


Community Management

  • Creating and maintaining in good order the team’s sharepoint and confluence sites, Saleforce records and documents, campaigns, dot mailer etc consistent with GDPR - including Ashoka course materials and resources used in the Masterclasses and Labs and all information about applicants and participants.
  • Managing ongoing communications with members of the community drafting, reviewing and sending event pre-and post-session emails, organizing and posting resources, regular newsletters or website updates, posting information and recordings in the community online site, and ensuring any questions are answered promptly
  • Suggesting and posting information in the selected community management online site that can be helpful or of interest to participants to keep the Lab and Masterclass communities engaged.


Flexibility: Full time to ½ time role. We are willing to adapt this role to some degree based on finding the right person. 


Location:  Prefer time zones that work well with both the US time zone and Asia (so EU and Africa time zones are preferred, but other locations possible)


FundingOur current funding source contract ends at the end of January 2024, but the team will be working to achieve a renewal with Trinity and build other potential funding sources.