Partnership Lead “Changemaker Europe”

Strategic Partnerships Vienna, Austria


Position at Ashoka

Partnership Lead “Changemaker Europe”

Enabling citizens to become changemakers and active members of society has been the core mission of Ashoka for 40 years. Ashoka wants to further the initiatives that are being developed by a number of European Institution to contribute to the consolidation of a democratic ecosystem on the European continent designed with citizens and for citizens. 

Building on this exciting momentum, Ashoka wants to promote a new European Citizenship culture of changemaking that will strengthen the participation of everyone and empower them to take creative action to solve social problems. This Changemaker vision of Europe will require at the same time to rethink our democratic infrastructures and fabric to pave the way for a more inclusive, citizen-led approach to policy and decision making. 

Realizing this transformational vision will require a threefold approach to be developed between 2022 and 2025: 1) devising a new culture of democracy, where citizens have a greater say and influence over policy and decision-making; 2) activating citizens by equipping them with the competencies and skills needed to become agents of change; and 3) redefining the concept of citizenship in a way that frames citizens as changemakers. 

We aim to do this by: 

  • Bringing changemaking and promoting a more inclusive, citizen-led approach to policy and decision making. 
  • Empowering and putting citizens and changemakers in the driving seat to shape policy to solve social problems with their ideas and innovations. 

The Partnership Lead would be working closely with the team to identify opportunities, and bring on board JJ partners for this endeavor. The candidate would have significant policy making experience and a network of contacts in European institutions. 

Location: Europe.