Help Desk Administrator

Information Technology Bellevue, Washington


ProbablyMonsters is a developer of AAA studios that unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create original content and exceptional interactive experiences. Our shared purpose is to build the next generation of AAA game development studios where people, culture, and creativity come first.

ProbablyMonsters is looking for a Help Desk Administrator to be responsible for administrative tasks and projects related to our infrastructure. The Help Desk Administrator will also respond to, and resolve incoming help desk requests from both our studios and internal teams.


  • You are personally driven to achieve excellence in technology.
  • You find it deeply satisfying to exceed expectations and enable others to meet and even exceed their goals.
  • You have at least three years of experience as a Help Desk Administrator that has included Windows Server administration.
  • You understand how to identify and prioritize requests and can multitask to solve multiple issues concurrently with minimal direction.
  • You understand that Help Desk requests are random in both time and subject matter and are experienced with the level of context switching these demands.
  • You're passionate and effective at working with others.
  • You're able to develop streamlined processes for IT functions.
  • You've had experience creating and managing a client imaging process, maintaining and updating server operating systems, troubleshooting server and domain issues, and understand the importance of both backups as well as restores.
  • You are comfortable with different hardware components and can install servers into a rack with minimal guidance.
  • You can build a domain if handed hardware to build it on.
  • You are not only both a Windows Client and Windows Server guru but can also navigate and troubleshoot Linux systems with ease.
  • You have a solid understanding of networking technologies.
  • You would not be afraid to log in to a switch to make needed changes.
  • You enjoy writing automation using various scripting languages (PowerShell, Bash, Python).
  • You find time to play video games and empathize deeply with our players because you are a gamer at heart.

  • You start your day by making a quick pass around the site to ensure all the AV gear is ready for the days awesome game demos and studio collaboration.
  • You then brew a killer cup of coffee with one of your teammates in the kitchen. This week's brew is a nice dark roast from Ethiopia.
  • While enjoying your coffee, you hear from someone that one of the rooms isn't connecting to WiFi. No problem! You log in to the WiFi management portal, start troubleshooting, find an authentication issue, and solve it with ease. You walk over to the room to verify connectivity.
  • Back at your desk, you check out the help desk board and do a quick prioritization of issues. You're passionate about the helpdesk running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Helpdesk is in order. You now have some free time to investigate that file system replication issue on one of the domain controllers.
  • Before you can get to the bottom of the issue, someone walks up to your desk. They are locked out of their workstation. You perform an account unlock and password reset, and they are on their way.
  • It's already lunchtime! You grab a couple of colleagues and head down out for a bite – or maybe you brought lunch, and you're going to hang out with the team and play some video games while you take a breather.
  • After lunch, your lead walks up – it's time to review the networking plan for connecting our new domain to AWS. The two of you grab a whiteboard and brainstorm about this. Now you can start on some of the deployment automation.
  • Another ticket comes in. One of the studios has a new hire starting next week — time to run through the on-boarding tasks and start building out a sweet new workstation. You swing by and talk briefly with the studio head. While you're there, one of the designers shows you some of the sweet stuff she has been working on.
  • The day's about done when one of the systems starts alerting. The monitoring dashboard shows this as a downed domain controller. You do a quick investigation; false alarm. Looks like a problem with the monitoring agent. You communicate the false alarm to the team. You were already planning some changes to that system which should avoid these in the future. You talk to your lead for a few minutes to make sure this is prioritized for tomorrow.
  • You head home knowing there are still some people working in the studios as they have a milestone that is due next week. You are on-call this week and are prepared to step in should anyone run into any issues.