Services Architect

Engineering Bellevue, Washington


We are looking for a Services Architect to lead development efforts on both internal facing services that support game development and external player facing game services. This is an exciting and challenging position with the opportunity to do green field development and build systems from the ground up.  

Who you are:

  • You have at least 7 to 10 years of experience as a senior software engineer shipping, high quality, high concurrency, services.
  • You have a proven ability to design complete systems, lead the team through implementation and ultimately ship. You're passionate about supportable systems and make that a priority.
  • You're excited by the opportunity to build something from the ground up.  You deal with ambiguity well and know how to nail down requirements and details.
  • You are comfortable coding in both native (C++), managed code (C#, Java) and various scripting languages (PowerShell, Python, etc..).
  • You have experience working with cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, Google, etc…) and understand how to architect services to run in the cloud.
  • You're a wizard when it comes to performance analysis and debugging all levels of, live, complex systems.
  • You're knowledgeable in the networking layer used for communication between services and have the ability to work at the code level in this area.
  • You're passionate about the quality of the services you develop and take responsibility to look into live site issues.
  • You take what you learn and improve those systems.  
  • You have at least 3 years experience working intimately with game engines, know their internals and how to host them server side.   UE4 knowledge is a big plus.

 What your day might look like:   

  • You start your day reading about some new technology that you've been considering.  While you're reading another engineer stops by with a question, you help them out and they head off to their desks with the answers they need to move past that issue.
  • You then head to the kitchen where one of your teammates is brewing a killer cup of coffee.   This week's brew is some awesome Ethiopian beans.
  • While enjoying your coffee, you knock out a couple code reviews for your teammates and then take some time to make a little progress on your design document for a new micro-service the team is working on.
  • Before lunch, you catch up with your lead, whiteboard out some of the service work the team will be focusing on over the next month and hash out priorities, as well as, who should be working on what.  
  • Lunch time!  You grab a couple teammates, and head down to Bellevue to grab food - or maybe you pick up lunch and then hang out with the team to play some video games while you take a breather.
  • After lunch you block out some time to start prototyping one of the services you are working on.   You've got the initial prototype working so you spin up some cloud resources to test out deployment.  
  • In the afternoon you meet with one of the studio engineering leads to chat about some improvements to one of the internal services/systems that are used across the studios.   Your brainstorming session results in some cool new features that will help the studios isolate engine issues faster and make them even more productive.