Audio Director

Audio Bellevue, Washington


Our studio is looking for an Audio Director who is incredibly passionate about games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. Our Audio Director is responsible for developing and communicating an inspiring soundscape, advocating for a game that sounds incredible, and helping the Game Director to achieve the creative vision.



  • You love making video games and can empathize deeply with our players.
  • You are personally driven to achieve excellence in all audio disciplines. You find it deeply satisfying to exceed expectations of how great you can make a game sound.
  • You have successfully led audio teams to victory and have significant experience working well with project leadership.
  • Your audio direction comes across as consistent, reliable, and easy to understand.
  • You are literate enough in the other development disciplines to understand how each component is affected by your team's work.
  • You are technical enough to have a deep understanding of how audio direction translates into the game medium and how recent innovations can help your team succeed.
  • You know how to effectively convey gameplay information to the player through audio within the context of a consistent, immersive soundscape.
  • You have shipped at least two successful AAA titles from start to finish, or equivalent game development experience.
  • Experience with the Unreal 4 Engine and Wwise is a big plus.


  • Reviewing the most recent audio content and writing up notes for next steps.
  • Meeting with engineering leadership for your weekly sync to discuss tools and workflow.
  • Working with the Game Director to collaborate on notes for a proposal for a new character.
  • Implementing audio for a new feature.
  • Taking a newly hired Audio Designer out to lunch to talk about games they've been playing & movies they're looking forward to.
  • Syncing with a contract composer for progress on a new piece of music.