Lead Character Artist

Art/Animation Bellevue, Washington


About Cauldron™

At Cauldron, we are passionate about empowering gamers to become the hero of their own adventures. We believe that a great story unites a global community together, and we are excited to bring the best creative talent in interactive entertainment to bring these stories, your stories, to life. Proud to be part of the ProbablyMonsters family of studios, our team is working on an unannounced, original AAA Adventure game and eagerly welcome those interested in learning through collaboration and pushing the boundaries of their craft. We are looking for a world-class Lead Character Artist that is an industry veteran and craft expert. They are responsible for managing the Character Art Team, continuing to develop our Character Art pipeline, and produce high-quality characters used throughout the game. Along with a personal passion and skill for character creation, you would help maintain the asset pipeline, ensuring stylistic consistency and exploring new techniques and methods to push character quality, all while balancing engine and platform requirements.

Who You Are:

  • You have 8+ years experience within the Art Discipline with 2+ years experience as a Lead Character Artist in AAA game development using UE4, with 1+ shipped title(s).
  • You are both an experienced and passionate character artist, and your portfolio reflects that. You stay current in your understanding of cutting-edge character production techniques and workflows.
  • You have an extensive understanding of Character Art production for Unreal Engine 4+ and always look to apply this knowledge to strive for excellence in both technical and the aesthetic aspects of character creation.
  • You have comprehensive knowledge of multiple major 3D and 2D packages (3DS Max or Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, and Substance) and techniques for Characters, Creatures, and Costuming
  • You are excited about managing, leading, and continuing to grow a world-class Character Art team.
  • You are comfortable giving feedback to internal teams and external partners.
  • You are independently motivated and capable of leading a team to create high quality, performant character art content on time and on budget.
  • You advocate for the quality of both workflow and in-engine results.
  • You always have creative solutions to difficult problems.
What You Will Do:
  • Work with the Character Art team, other art disciplines, and game direction to establish visual style and production pipelines/processes for creating character models.
  • Collaborate with other art and design disciplines to help guide the Character Art team through pre-production visual development tests and ideation, as well as production execution.
  • Work closely with the Tech Art team to define and maintain guidelines for model deliveries that allow for effective deformation and expression while adhering to a kit/gear based systems.
  • Work with the production department to prioritize tasking and scheduling of the Character Art team, balancing project goals and scope against time and resources.
  • Be a proactive self-starter that can independently execute high-level direction.
  • Exhibit strong communication skills and knowledge to both effectively give and receive creative and artistic critiques.
  • Help continue to expand the capabilities of the Character Art team, through training and team building, refinements of process and techniques, and candidate recruiting and hiring.
  • Lead, task, mentor, and conduct one-to-one meetings with your Character Artists.

About ProbablyMonsters™

Established in 2016, ProbablyMonsters is a next-generation independent game company that creates long-lasting studios and exceptional games. Revolutionizing the way AAA game studios are built, ProbablyMonsters provides its teams the resources and creative environment needed to foster stable, rewarding, and life-long careers while delivering best-in-class entertainment through a positive people-first culture.
We have built three studios so far. Each of them has a unique identity built around the type of gamer experience they are creating. Knit together inside the ProbablyMonsters family culture, all studios are bonded by the core values of respect, trust, accountability, and approachability.
Connected by the company’s mission to unite, guide, and empower developers to create exceptional entertainment experiences, developers at Cauldron are given the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions.
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