Senior Web Designer

Design Mexico City, Mexico

Role & Requirements

In addition to a solid foundation in design (typography, color, layout, etc) here is what you’ll need to succeed here:

  1. Communication skills
    Arguably one of the most important skills a designer can have — excellent communication skills now more than ever, are a must. We work closely with multiple teams (marketers, developers, designers) in different locations around the world.
  2. Eagerness to work with others
    You’re going to work with a lot of different business units — marketing, sales, support, human resources, customer success, and probably more. The ability to empathize, connect, and succeed with people who are different than you is critical.
  3. Lead by serving
    This job will require working with multiple teams, competency in our products, and empowering others to create effective web experiences. While we don’t expect all of this on day one, we’d like to see that you’ve done something similar!

What will set you apart:

    • Experience writing and maintaining brand guidelines for web
  • A strong portfolio that demonstrates brand cohesively tied across pages & sites
  • Yes, designers should code — if they want to
  • Experience working with Marketing teams in large organizations

Location Note

We are currently fully remote, but are planning to return to the office when it’s safe per local guidelines. There is currently no timetable for this. 

About Liferay 

Liferay, Inc. is a uniquely profitable B2B enterprise software company with 1,000  fiery-eyed employees all across Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. As the leading provider of enterprise open source technologies, we have been recognized by Gartner for empowering businesses around the world to solve complex digital challenges.  Our flagship product is the Liferay Digital Experience Platform, which companies like HP, Domino’s, and Airbus use to build customized experiences for their customers and employees.  But we don’t just make awesome software, we are also fueled by a greater-than-profit vision. By building a vibrant business, making technology useful, and investing in communities, we make it possible for people to reach their full potential to serve others. We give our employees five days paid off to volunteer at charities they’re excited about, and Liferay donates 10% of our profits to charities around the world. Oh, we’re also self-funded which gives us the freedom to work on whatever we think brings the most value to customers and communities in the long run!

Awesome, but what does Liferay offer for me?
  • Salary package w/ competitive benefits according to qualifications and experience;
  • Attractive benefits;
  • A place to be yourself, in which everyone can grow personally and professionally;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • A positive and collaborative work culture
  • Work in a fast-growing, successful company with incredible mission and values:

      Equal Opportunities Employer - Statement
      Liferay is committed to the equal treatment of all candidates, customers and employees and to fostering a culture of dignity at work. Our operating procedure provides for equal opportunities in recruitment and employment with the aim to eliminate discrimination against any job applicant or employee on the basis of race, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender reassignment, religion or beliefs, marital or civil partnerships status, family or dependency status, disability, pregnancy and maternity or membership of a traveling community.

      What do you need to apply?

      1. Link to your website that includes recent, relevant case studies
      2. A short note about one aspect or section of that could be improved for a quick win.

      Cover letter? Do you really read them?

      Yes! It doesn't need to be formal — really all we're looking for is a brief response to the prompt.

      Note that applications sans cover letter are typically rejected post-haste.