Operations Management Support Chattanooga, Tennessee


Position at Pilgrim's

Sanitation Supervisor Job Description 
The Supervisor performs exempt work such as the daily supervision of the hourly laborers and lead persons. The primary duty entails the supervision of the sanitation lead persons and laborers in designated departments/areas of our plants to ensure that our team is working safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory agency, customer, and JBS policies and procedures. 
  • Responsible for the daily supervision of sanitation lead persons and laborers for specific areas/departments of our facility
  • Directs the work of the sanitation lead persons and laborers by department/area of our facility
  • Ensures sanitation lead persons and laborers work safely, efficiently, and in compliance with governmental, customer, and company policies and procedures
  • Understand and adhere to all union regulations in regards to hourly employees
  • Responsible for administering new hire and follow-up training on all personnel on line
  • Directly responsible for discipline procedures with hourly employees on the line in accordance with JBS policy
  • Complete pre-operational paperwork, includes all daily paperwork required for safety, payroll, and food safety compliance.
  • Positions available in FAB & KILL
  • Ability to read, write, add and subtract
  • General working knowledge of computers/technology (e.g., Microsoft Excel and Word)
  • Ability to wear personal protective equipment
  • Ability to work in work environments with extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • High School Degree or its Equivalent
  • Alignment with JBS Core Values and company culture
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving skills, strong people skills
  • Strong desire to work in a challenging and hands-on environment
  • Related Sanitation Experience preferred