Farrowing Team Lead - Plymouth

Hourly Production Plymouth, Illinois


Position at JBS USA

Candidates who express interest in this position will be considered based on the following criteria:  experience working with pigs, overall work history, positive attitude, employee driving history, etc.  
The person selected for this position must:   
  1. Manage the daily farrowing activities for the Plymouth Sow Farm. 
  2. Effectively lead and manage farrowing techs to create a strong, stable, skilled team that delivers results.
  3. Be a leader related to animal care and handling with respect to company operating procedures.
  4. Effectively communicate with the Breeding Department and the Farm Manager to plan animal flow and processing.
  5. Always lead with a focus on a safe work environment and make sure safe work processes are followed by employees.
  6. Be capable of managing production records to ensure they are accurate and timely.
  7. Be proactive and be able to plan ahead.
  8. Enjoy working with swine.
  9. Be able to work in a swine production facility environment.
Job Qualifications:   
  • Be able to lift in excess of 50lbs moving up to 100 yards daily, be able to lift 15 lbs. repeatedly on a daily basis from side to side for at least 1 hour.  Push and/or pull a minimum of 500 lbs. in a cart with wheels when required.  Squat to floor, grip small objects with ease and twist at least 45 degrees.
  • Be capable of repeated actions.
  • Be responsive to visible signs of animal discomfort.
  • Be responsive to verbal alarms and sounds of animals.
  • Be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing with other employees and company contacts.
  • Be able to move, load and unload animals 600 plus pounds.
  • Be able to walk and stand for long periods of time on different surfaces including concrete.
  • Be able to climb in and out of crates and over obstacles.
  • Be able climb different types of ladders including feed bin ladders.
  • Be able to maintain balance on all surfaces.
  • Be able to retain and perform written and spoken instructions.
  • Must not own or live near any swine.  Must not live with anyone who has contact with swine. 
Physical Requirements:   
  • During summer months outside temperatures can be over 100 degrees for entire scheduled workday.
  • During winter months outside temperatures can be below zero for entire scheduled workday.
  • During and after heavy rains or snowfalls the road in and around the farms can become extremely muddy, snow covered, icy and difficult to maneuver on.
  • During different job duties the noise inside or outside barns can become very loud.
  • Will be exposed daily to odors, dusts and gases that may be uncomfortable or hazardous if proper procedures are not followed.
  • Will be exposed to electrical boxes and electrical machinery that are not to be entered or repaired by those who are not certified in basic electrical training and/or lock out tag out by the Safety Coordinator.
  • Will be exposed daily to procedures that cause contact with hazardous materials. 
The applicant who fills this position will be eligible for the following compensation and benefits:   
  • Benefits: Vision, Medical, and Dental coverage begin after 60 days of employment;
  • Paid Time Off: vacation, and 6 company observed holidays;
  • 401(k): company match begins after the first year of service and follows the company vesting schedule.
  • Better Futures Program   Online Classes or select 2 Year Community College tuition paid for you or your dependents! 
  • Supervisor Development Program: Opportunity to grow your career through leadership training.