Courtesy Officer (Apartment Community Security)

Additional Urbana, Illinois


The Courtesy Officer is the eyes and ears for the community.  This position is responsible for the basic security and well being of the community and the residents.  This position is not expected to physically put themselves in harm’s way but rather observe, attempt verbal dissemination and/or call the proper authorities when needed.

Must be able to work most, not all, but most Tuesday – Saturdays, 6pm – 2am shifts.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
- Responsible for locking up amenities, such as, Fitness Center, Laundry Facilities, Pool, Mail room at 10:00pm every night except during holiday schedule
- Check to ensure Office and Maintenance shop are securely locked with patrol
- Walk community at least 1 time per night, can be the same time as lockup to ensure nothing is out of place
- Document activities using the appropriate log books
- Fill out and turn in incident reports as applicable
- Monthly light audit and/or report lights that are out as an ongoing process
- Professionally interact with residents disturbing the enjoyment of others in the community by issuing warnings/fines related to noise, pet management and or vehicle/camper/trailer issues.
- Coordinate and communicate with proper authorities when necessary

Other Duties: Be the first property contact for any afterhour’s issues that might arise from police, fire or ambulance that enter the property for any reason until the property manager advises otherwise for that incident.  Work with the Property Manager or others to handle the situation through completion.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience required:
- One plus (1+) years in law enforcement or security required.
- Basic understanding for how to secure and monitor property.
- Demonstrated ability to take initiative, to maintain confidentiality and to work in a team environment is essential
- Demonstrated ability to make logical decisions using sound, professional judgment
- Demonstrated ability to be flexible and possess strong work ethics
- Ability to professionally negotiate and diffuse conflicts that may arise

Equal Opportunity Employer