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Become an EQual™ Canada Surveyor

Join us as we unleash the power and potential of people who share our passion for achieving quality health services for all!  In Canada and around the world, we are building a bold and bright future for our enterprise and our clients. If you are looking for a challenge and seeking to be part of something larger than yourself, this opportunity could be for you. 

EQual™ Canada Surveyors are responsible for the assessment of education program compliance with accreditation standards.

If you are a health care or education professional working for or affiliated with an accredited education program, we encourage you to apply and work with us to ensure that educational programs enable their students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to deliver safe, effective and high-quality care as they enter their chosen health profession.

Terms: Availability to participate in at least one survey a year or every two years. 

Time Commitment: A survey assignment includes an onsite commitment of 5 days. The off-site review occurs 4-6 months prior to the onsite and includes 2 days of self-assessment document review. Surveyors will also participate in initial training (1 hour).

Compensation: The EQual™ Canada Accreditation process is made possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteer surveyors who contribute their time and professional expertise. Surveyors will be reimbursed for expenses directly incurred for the on-site visit. There is no provision for an honorarium.

Location: Canada

Apply by: Ongoing

You have a unique history. Does it include the abilities and experience listed below? 

  • Currently working or affiliated with an accredited education program
  • Are a practicing health professional.
  • Are willing to share your knowledge and insight on health professional education.
  • Fluency in English or French and have excellent communication skills, including strong writing skills and the ability to adapt your communication style to the audience.
  • Ability to analyze information and draw conclusions based on direct observation and document review.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and the ability to adapt to unexpected changes.
  • Strong technology skills, including the ability to operate a computer and use web-based software.
  • Are a healthcare professional in one of the following professions:
    Cardiology technology, Cardiovascular perfusion, Clinical genetics, Cytotechnology, Denturism, Diagnostic medical sonography, Electroneurophysiology technology, Magnetic resonance, Medical laboratory assistant, Medical laboratory technology, Nuclear medicine technology, Opticianry, Orthoptics, Paramedicine, Radiation therapy technology, Radiological technology or Respiratory therapy or are an education professional with educational administration expertise.

You’ll stand out if you...

  • You are able to evaluate and write French or Bilingual (French and English) reports.
  • You are a professional practitioner of the following health disciplines: Respiratory Therapy, Sonography (Cardiac and Vascular), Optician, Perfusion, and Denturist.
  • Have previously participated as a surveyor in the assessment of educational programs.

Do you have what we’re looking for? Submit your CV. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].  


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