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Are you passionate about improving healthcare services? 

Do you have significant lived experience accessing healthcare services as a patient* or caregiver? 

We believe that in working together, we can help shape healthcare services for all.  Patient Partners can be people with lived experience as a patient, family member or caregiver. They bring a unique perspective to discussions and enhance the quality of programs and services. 

We invite you to consider partnering with us.  We want to hear your perspectives and learn from your experience and expertise. 

Your skillset includes: 

  • Significant experience accessing healthcare services 
  • Comfort speaking about your experience with candor 
  • Capacity to share your personal experience and perspective constructively 
  • Ability to listen with empathy and curiosity to hear different perspectives
  • Availability and readiness to co-create products and services based on multiple sources of evidence (including, but not limited to, your own experience and perspective) 

*Patient is used to identify individuals who participate in, and benefit from health systems and services, as co-producers of health.  Depending on the health setting or context, patient may be referred to as client or resident or community member, and individuals could include carers and families. 


Volunteer Opportunities 
There are different ways that we can work together, depending on what interests you.  We have short- and longer-term projects, all of which would benefit from the insights of people like you. 

Join a Technical Committee   
Patients with recent experience in healthcare work alongside other subject matter experts including care providers, policymakers and researchers to co-design health standards used by delivery organizations, which guide their actions and improvement efforts towards better health and social services for all.  Patient Partners bring their experience and perspective to discussions and decision-making. 

Meetings occur sporadically over a two-year span and are conducted in English. 

Become a Patient Surveyor . We are accepting applications at this time for Indigenous Patient Partners,  if this is something that interests you, continue through the application process linked here: and someone will reach out to you. .     

Surveyors are reviewers who assess the performance of health organizations against standards of excellence and identify opportunities to achieve improved performance. Patient Surveyors have 3-5 years of experience as Patient Partners in frontline organizations.  They are trained as surveyors and play a key role in assessing criteria related to people-centred care services.  Having a patient lens during a review brings that crucial perspective on patient experience and people-centred care. 

Surveys last approximately 4-5 days, occur either in person or virtually and are conducted in multiple languages, depending on the organization and location. 

Become a Leading Practices Reviewer   
A Leading Practice is a best practice used by health and social services organizations that has demonstrated a positive change, and is people-centred, safe and efficient. Organizations may submit their program to be considered a leading practice.  Reviews of those programs are then conducted by experts in the field, including patients like you. 

Leading Practice Reviews are conducted virtually and take place in English. 

Receive Updates and be Notified of new Opportunities to Partner   
If you are interested in hearing a bit more about how to partner with us on the work being done across Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada, or to get notified about opportunities to partner, email us at [email protected]. 

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