Staff Engineer, Software Development

Engineering San Jose, California (Req. #4104)


This position is for a staff software developer contributing to the complete client software stack on set top boxes and streaming devices, with a specialty in IP video streaming technologies.


  • 5+ years of C++ or equivalent programming language experience
  • 4+ years of IP streaming technology experience
  • Exhibited knowledge of IP ABR technologies (e.g. DASH, HLS, SmoothStreaming)
  • Willingness/desire to work up and down a software stack

Optional but Desired:

  • Exhibited knowledge of DRM technologies (e.g. Verimatrix, PlayReady, Widevine)
  • Exhibited experience developing in Linux environments
  • Exhibited experience developing in Android environments
  • Experience with video or audio codec processing
  • Experience with open source/third party players, such as ExoPlayer
  • Experience in UI development
  • Experience with scrum/agile development processes