Senior Engineer, Software Development

Engineering Durham, North Carolina (Req. #4341)


Position Responsibilities: 

Candidates should have a Bachelors Degree with 5+ years of Software Engineering related work experience building software products and services in a team environment.

The main duties of the position are as follow:

  • Participate in a daily stand-up and iteration planning meetings with the team.
  • Deliver high quality products and services to our customers.
  • Adhere and contribute to core engineering design, development, and testing principles.
  • Problem solve solutions to customer implementation issues, requiring sharp problem solving skills and a deep architectural knowledge of the product.
  • Other duties, as needed


Job Requirements and Qualifications include the following:

  • Candidate must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to learn new architecture, tools, algorithms, etc. deeply and quickly.
  • Candidate should have experience problem solving with customers, to solve customer issues.
  • Candidate must have excellent programming and scripting skills with a solid understanding of Object Oriented Design principles.   Experience with Java and Python strongly preferred.
  • Candidate must have experience with software engineering in a Linux environment.
  • Candidate must have experience with database design and development.  Exposure to NoSQL/document database technology is preferred.  Experience with MongoDB is a plus.
  • Work with transformation of large data sets with Pentaho Kettle or similar type technologies is a plus.
  • Experience solving Big Data problems with Hadoop or similar type technologies is a plus.
  • Experience with development of web services (REST, JSON, XML) is a plus.
  • Experience to cloud-based computing and Amazon Web Services is a plus.
  • Experience with or desire to work with open source technologies is a plus.
  • Desire to work in an agile environment using Agile Software methodologies is a plus.