PCB Draftsman

Sales Shenzhen, Guangdong


Work Scope:

  • PCB layout, design, and create BOM and SCH.
  • Established and Maintained component library, organize and create design guide line.
  • Deliver complete design package (include component Selection, SCH, PCB artwork, BOM) based on requirement provided
  • by requestor.
  • Follow up with vendor for PCB sample.
Education and others requirement:
  • Diploma in Electronics or Electrical Engineering
  • 2 years’ experience in PCB-Layout & design.
  • Experience of PCB design tools like Altium (Protel) and Pad is an added advantage.
  • Experience with 4 layers layout and AutoCAD 3D is an added advantage.


  • PCB 製作, 布線, 設計、建BOM, 建SCH.
  • 建立並維護元器件的封裝庫,組織PCB 佈局佈線的評審
  • 依照產品需求與提案者的設計,完成產品的硬體設計(如:器件選型、原理圖、PCB 佈線圖、BOM 表)。
  • 進行PCB 樣品之跟催。
  • 电子信息科学/技术
  • PCB‐LAYOUT 布線、設計,需有相關經驗。
  • 会用Altium (Protel) 及 Pad
  • 有Layout 4 層(或更多)板經驗者佳。
  • 有半導體相關⼯作經驗者佳。
  • 会用 AutoCAD 做3D 相關⼯作經驗者佳。