Program Officer- Market Systems and Enterprise Development

Job ID 343

Program / Project Support Bangladesh   Rajshahi


Heifer International is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.


The role of the Program Officer- Market Systems and Enterprise Development will carry out the Heifer’s project activities in relates to cooperative and market development of inputs/services and produces/products of beneficiaries under supervision and assistance of Senior Program Officer (Regional In-Charge). Besides, s/he will assist of Senior Program Officer (Regional In-Charge) to accomplish other market-related interventions. The major focused areas are: developing strong leadership and facilitating good governance of cooperatives; facilitate access to finance, develop farmers' capacity of livestock and agriculture production and creating opportunity for increased income to be linked with the business hub. Facilitate to connect the farmer's owned agri-businesses to the input and output market dealt by the public and private sector organizations. Encourage and demonstrate the benefit of climate smart production of the cooperative through developing capacity.

Program Officer- Market Systems and Enterprise Development will explore and collaborate with different public and private sector organizations to strengthen the forward and backward linkages in both product markets and the input/service market. Program Officer- Market Systems and Enterprise Development will assist in developing and managing prototypes towards upgrading the value chains and develop scale-up strategies for the wider benefit of Heifer project beneficiaries and the sub-sector growth.


A highly motivated and inspirational leader, superb listener and communicator, relationship builder, energetic and positive, team builder, strive for a shared vision, impact-driven and innovative, organized, have strong business acumen, pro-active, respect for procedures and norms, curious, analytical, socially sensitive, values-oriented, conviction towards holistic sustainable development.


A. Leadership and General (25%)
  • Strengthen the organizational capacity in relates to organizational (leadership, management, good governance system development, policy and procedure, monitoring etc.) and business management. Implementation of the enterprise (warehouse as a viable business entity), and value chain-related activities.
  • Implement Heifer’s market development and private/public sector engagement strategy for the project
  • Ensure systemic documentation of successes and lessons learned for internal programmatic use and external sharing.
  • An organizational business development plan develops and assesses its progress on regular basis including its capacity assessment.
  • Project implementation plan developed for market development, enterprise development and cooperative component with clear timeline and deliverables
  • Rollout plan and tract progress periodically
  • Timely delivery of milestones relating to organizational and market development component
  • Periodic reports and knowledge documents
B. Business Development & Branding (35%)
  • Demand-supply gap and price analysis: Assist as well as carry out rapid market assessment, market research, value chain analysis, business venture feasibility study, stakeholders mapping, and so on for identification of viable enterprise establishment (Warehouse as a viable business entity)
  • Business development: Support to develop a business plan for HH level enterprise, producer organization (Cooperatives level) level (both start-up and growth-stage) and connect with public and private financial and non-financial service providers (media and large-scale business ventures)
  • Marketing and branding: Identify branding options for farmer’s products. Assist in designing and implementing promotional activities
  • Sector/product specific market information, opportunities and challenges would be produced as needed
  • Positive growth of producer organizations and their business.
  • Potential business scope for private sectors, business associations and other market actors.
  • Price information system at Producer Organization (PO) level developed for the benefit of all the value chain actors
  • Develop market-oriented supply chain for inputs, services and outputs
  • Document process for facilitation of branding farmers products
  • Developed HH-based enterprise and its business plan and linked those enterprises with warehouses.
  • Business performance reports prepared for positioning the brands into the market. Guide sales and marketing team at enterprise level.
  • Producer organization’s financial business development: Participate in monthly meetings of Cooperative, review their financial and business reports and provide feedback. Assist to solve business related problems based on need as per cooperative’s bylaws.
  • Facilitate to build a functional business partnership for warehouse with private sector actors
  • Experiment for developing a different business model (e.g. Aggregation, contracting, sub-contracting etc.) with different stakeholders.
  • Assist HHs and Organization to evaluate the progress of achieving the business plan.
  • Closely work with a team to establishes meat processing plant and its function.
  • Identity potential actors to supports the warehouse and link with the meat processing plant.
  • Make functional contract farming models developed and operated in partnership with producer organizations by ensuring buyback
  • Make functional participatory progress monitoring process of the business development and reporting.
C. Build capacity of the cooperative staff, partners and Producer Organizations (PO)/Cooperative (15%)
  • Assist to align the organizational development and business development and build the capacity of the stakeholders.
  • Assist to prepare capacity building plan of staff, partners and POs in the field of market system development, enterprise and value chain development.
  • Orient coops staff, follow-up the job-related functions to achieve the target
  • Build capacity of the staff, Coops staff through facilitating training, coaching and other capacity-building initiatives on leadership, conflict management, business development, governance,
  • organization development, etc.
  • Stakeholders’ have good orientation on both developing areas
  • Facilitated training and other capacity-building initiatives as per DIP
  • Strong knowledge on climate-smart agri-enterprises development
  • Governance established in cooperative businesses
D. Identify under-performing market’s constraints, root causes and facilitate systemic change (25%)
  • Assist in market systems analysis
  • Strengthen existing market systems by removing bottlenecks from market
  • Assist to identify actors in the market system and develop a functional relationship
  • Facilitate multi-stakeholder consultation meetings, workshops, and business to business meetings for better market linkage
  • Organize B2B Meetings with potential VC actor for stronger market linkages
  • Explore public and private organizations for joint initiatives to establish viable and sustainable business ventures for warehouse with forward and backward markets New private sector engaged with market system with formal and informal partnership
  • Input and services suppliers network developed
  • Buyer network developed
  • Systemic change brought by and strengthening under-performing areas of market systems


  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university in the fields of Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Business Administration, Rural Development, social science, or other related fields
  • Minimum of three (3) years of field and technical experience with the commercial sector, agribusiness development in a mix of economic growth/trade, value chain competitiveness, investment promotion, or market
  • Minimum of three (3) years working experience with community/cooperatives/ Producer Organizations for the organizational development and/or market development

Preferred Requirements:

  1. Experience in supporting and monitoring field-based programs in the
  2. Proven experience in building the capacity of producer’s organization, partner institutions to document and disseminate market information, manage knowledge, measure progress and plan and advocate within the industry.
  3. Track record of building strong client and stakeholder relationships
  4. Ability to generate innovative solutions in work situations

Most Critical Proficiencies:

  1. A clear understanding of the goat, beef, dairy, agriculture, and poultry value
  2. Innovative, analytical, and solutions
  3. Cooperative based business
  4. Knowledge of enterprise development and linkages to poverty
  5. Strong interpersonal/people management skills and excellent oral and written communication skills
  6. Proficient knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, electronic mail (Microsoft Office preferred) and
  7. Demonstrated proficiency in English and other local languages, both oral and
  8. Significant experience in building public/private partnerships
  9. Experience working with farmer group
  10. Excellent leadership qualities and communication skills