Center Activity Aide

Recreational Therapy Berkeley, CA




  1. Assists with individual and group recreational activities such as art, music, crafts, discussions, outings, and special events/holidays, to support participant’s level of physical fitness, psycho social functioning, and resilience.
  2. Provides input to the development of activities program and assists with documenting encounters.
  3. Monitors and assists with maintenance of supplies and equipment used in activities service and storage areas.
  4. Maintains neat and clean environment in the activities service and storage areas.
  5. Provides support to volunteers, guest speakers, outside entertainers and instructors as appropriate.


  1. Assists with all general support at the center such as greeting participants and escorting ambulatory and mobility impaired participants to and from the van during outings.
  2. Observes and reports any changes in participants’ ambulation, transferring, psycho social functioning, general behavior, and level of alertness.
  3. Assists with transferring from wheelchair to seat, and back during activities.
  4. Maintains a courteous, helpful and professional attitude on the job. Displays a willingness and ability to be responsive to all customer groups.
  5. Complies with all agency training requirements. Maintains professional affiliations and any required certifications.
  6. Provides and maintains a safe environment for participants and self. Displays awareness of safety hazards and reports and/or reverses hazards.


  1. Maintains the confidentiality of all company procedures, results and information about participants or families.
  2. Follows all CEI Policies and Procedures.
  3. Complies with all agency training requirements.
  4. Maintains safe working environment by following CEI’s safety P&P’s.
  5. Maintains a courteous, helpful and professional attitude on the job. Displays a willingness and ability to be responsive to all customer groups.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned in a positive and helpful manner.


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. One year experience working with a frail or elderly population preferred.
  3. Ability to work in multi-cultural and interdisciplinary setting.
  4. Excellent interpersonal skill and ability to communicate effectively
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills
  6. Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  7. Flexibility, initiative and willingness to learn.
  8. Current CPR certification and First Aid training.
  9. Basic computer knowledge.
  10. Bi-lingual strongly desired/ prefer Cantonese, Mandarin or Spanish

Center for Elders’ Independence is a PACE (Program of All- Inclusive Care for the Elderly) organization that uses an interdisciplinary team approach to care planning and care implementation for the purpose of providing high quality, affordable, integrated health care services to the elderly, including an Adult Day Health Center, and promoting autonomy, quality of life and the ability of individuals to live in their communities. Unlike other healthcare plans, CEI is not a "fee-for-service" plan. It is a a “capitation” healthcare plan. CEI is paid a set amount for each person enrolled in our program, whether or not that individual seeks care. We are a growing company that offers stability and continues to thrive.