With 24 offices across the country, and 1 in Mexico, we welcome scientists, engineers, and corporate and operations professionals who desire meaningful work and want to make a difference. To apply for a position, click on the posting below.

Investigation and Remediation

Consultant Hydrogeologist/Geologist United States
Consultant or Senior Consultant-level Sediment Scientist or Engineer Portland, Oregon
Hydrogeologist/Geologist-Groundwater Modeler United States
Mid- to Senior-level Hydrogeologist/Geologist/Engineer Portland, Oregon
Principal Engineer, Hydrogeologist, or Geologist United States
Principal, Water Resources Hydrologist, Hydrogeologist, or Engineer United States
Senior Environmental Engineer or Scientist Boston, Massachusetts

Marine Sciences and Engineering

Senior Consultant or Principal-level Coastal Scientist/Engineer
2 Locations

Permitting and Planning

Senior Scientist or Consultant - Permitting Specialist
4 Locations

Toxicology, Health, and Ecological Sciences

Principal Scientist United States

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